6 Essential Qualities to Foster as A Manager

By PeopleLeaders | Leadership

6 Essential qualities to foster as a manager

6 Essential Qualities to Foster as a Manager

  1. Be inspired – You can’t inspire others if you can’t inspire yourself.qualities of a great manager
  2. Learn what lights you up and do more of that with what you have, in the time you have, and with the resources, you have in this moment. It stands out because so few of us act on our inspiration.
  3. Listen – Learn to listen to others, really listen, with an open mind and an open heart. You will learn more about a person, situation or event, faster.
  4. Be accepting – Accept other peoples’ values and don’t measure them by your own.
  5. Don’t judge – Judgment and comparison kill team spirit and creativity. – How often do you go into a meeting expecting it to be a waste of time, and it is? Change your perception for a start, then act on that. Be different in those meetings
  6. Learn to acknowledge – Acknowledgment is vital. Be proactive in this space. Who have you genuinely acknowledged this day?

What is another essential quality that makes a great manager?