5 Effective Leadership Practices to Round Out the Year (and to continue next year)

By People Leaders | Leadership

5 Effective Leadership Practices to Round Out the Year (and to continue next year)

In this post, we want to share with you our 5 favourite leadership practices that we’ve shared or discovered in the past 12 months. These have worked for hundreds of leaders during the past year, including us, especially those who practiced and made them their own. They found ways to incorporate these into their day to day life that were authentic and appropriate for them.

1. Make Your Conversations Count - Have Quality Conversations 

Start by having regular quality one-on-one catch ups. Ask quality questions that elicit responses that get your people to think and reflect on what they doing, how they are doing it and the impact they are having.

If you want to really ramp up your conversations, start by asking questions about how you are impacting others, that is, start asking for feedback. Take charge of your own feedback. You don't have to wait for your manager or others to give you feedback. Be clear about the type of feedback you are after, is it about your style, skill or readiness for the next step?

BONUS TIP: Be mindful of other people’s styles and preferences. Some may want to just give you feedback face-to-face on the spot, while others may want to give it to you in writing or prefer written questions they can respond to. 

2. Take Care of Your Wellbeing And Work on Your Resilience

We know that wellbeing impacts your energy and how you respond to challenging situations. The stronger you are in mind and body the better you can ride the wave of change and uncertainty.

Practical ways to do this:

  • Start to become aware of your breathing, this will immediately impact your energy levels and thought processes. (We highly recommend the book Just Breathe by Dan Brule which has some useful techniques and tips. We have been doing some of them and they really work.)
  •  Be mindful of the thoughts you think. Are they moving you into a better feeling state?
  • Start your day with warm water and a wedge of lemon. We have been doing this for 20 years now. It kicks starts the internal organs, gives them a little cleanse and away you go… literally.

BONUS TIP: While you are on the train, driving, or just standing in line, breathe in for three and out for three, notice where the breath moves through your body.

3. Appreciate What You Have

Look around you and see through fresh eyes what you have in front of you, your work, family, home, great coffee, supportive relationships... in this moment really appreciate and breathe in what you have created in your life. You get what you consistently think about.

BONUS TIP: Write in your journal three things that you appreciate about your day and do it for 30 days straight.

4. Have A Focus That Gives Your Life Direction And Keeps You Moving Forward

When you have a clear focus it galvanises your spirit to move forward and do the needful in your attempt to create what it is you want. It is not just about the destination. We encourage you to make the process just as important and promise the end result will be perfect for you.

BONUS TIP: Start with something small and really achievable and work your way through your desires. It's like a muscle. The more you flex and stretch what you want to create, the more able you are to create it. Stay the distance if it feels good to do so and build momentum. That is the secret sauce.

5. Reflection

Take some time and reflect. This is such a powerful habit.

Stop the chattering of your mind and move through your day and pause on those moments that are satisfying. Feel good about who you were being in those moments where you truly listened to someone or gave someone your time and consideration. It is the small things that really count. These are the things that make a satisfying life.

BONUS TIP: At the end of the day, reflect on the type of energy you brought into your interactions. You really do get back what you give out.

Thank you dear ones and have a brilliant time with people who make you feel good about who you are.