Client Feedback

It doesn't matter how good we say we are, it's what our clients say about our work that matters most. Here are just a few of the kind words that our clients have shared with us... 

Michelle has worked with many teams and individuals across our organisation with great impact and effect. She has a very personable style which allows her to cut through to issues with participants and her expertise allows pragmatic solutions to be brought to problems.

Lisa Burquest   
Executive Manager People & Communications. Jetstar 

Jan is an engaging, humanistic consultant, who I have worked with to great success in MBTI sessions with my team. I recommend her without reservation.

Dr. Leif Evensen
General Manager, Business Performance and Analytics. Westpac 

Michelle – Just wanted to thank you for providing me with the tools to make my planning day with the team a success. We got a lot out of the day, learning about one another and having very open discussions. Not an easy task to facilitate a 2 day leadership offsite with 5 very strong women at the table! But Michelle did it with ease. She kept us on track, honest, challenged us where we needed it and inspired us to go forth and do great things!! I walked out of there 10 feet tall and ready to conquer all! Thanks Michelle.

Natalie Davey 
National Manager, Integrated Brand Communications. Origin Energy

Just wanted to say thanks again Michelle for such great facilitating I did another round at the end of the day and the highlights for everyone were you two! Really appreciate your sense of humour, ability to stick to task and the creativity you both bring. Looking forward to the next one.

Ali Mc Pheat Senior HR Manager. BUPA

I have been working with Michelle, and more recently Jan for over 15 years in both the UK and here in Australia in both the public and private sector – the reason I keen giving them opportunities to work with me is simple – the quality of the relationship, the quality of the work and the commitment to the organisation and the people who they working with, which goes above and beyond a statement of work.

They spend the time getting to know our context, our culture and business drivers for what-ever intervention they are helping us with. This could be from people leader development, Team effectiveness through to 1-2-1 coaching which is always of the highest quality. Even after the assignment is completed, the difference they make on the business is profound and many of my fellow executive colleagues bring them back to do more business unit specific work.

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Louise Meadows

General Manager People and Capability. City West Water

The modern corporate environment is one of constant change and ever increasing demands. Most training is directed at technical or managerial skills, but there is a growing awareness of the importance of the state of mind and “resilience” of the people involved in successfully dealing with this environment. We have worked with Jan previously on a range of leadership and management topics both for individuals and the team, and so we were immediately interested when we saw that she was offering team training on mental resilience.

In retrospect, I am very glad that we ran the workshop when we did. Jan brings data and market insights that not just highlighted the significance of the issue to everyone, but also that there are practical things within our own control to enhance our resilience. The real benefit was that empowering of people to do something to make things better, and not just to complain and try to survive. Practically, the workshop has given a boost to exercise (even if as simple as stretching at our desks but also scheduled walks outside at lunch time), exchanging pleasantries, breathing and focus exercises, thinking of good things, drinking more water…. Some of these things we are doing collectively, others I see in individual behaviour (including my own). We take time in our team meetings to call these things out but a lot of this is in the personal recognition of the reality of the issue and a sense of empowerment and responsibility to do something about it.

As we approach our financial year end, as we talk about the extent of change that will impact us into the future, that sense of personal empowerment will better prepare the members of the team for whatever comes, and should improve performance and satisfaction from dealing positively with what was previously seen largely as a negative.

Tim Oner 
Head of Global Shared Services. Westpac 

CPC has gained enormous value from the services provided by Jan and Michelle Terkelsen. We initially asked Jan and Michelle to run a Lifestyles Inventory Survey for our employees. We received fantastic feedback from staff about the insights they gained into their workplace styles and how to expand their repertoire of constructive attributes at work. The Terkelsen’s were highly personable with all of our employees and we wanted to work further with them, so they carried out leadership coaching and other group sessions at our head office and managers’ conferences. These were lively and entertaining team-building experiences and gave us all great practise at communicating effectively in challenging situations. The Terkelsen’s have since helped CPC to identify our company’s core vision and values and establish clear statements through which to share them with customers, consumers and industry partners. With Jan and Michelle’s ongoing human resources assistance, CPC has seen a clear improvement in workplace communication, self-awareness and confidence amongst staff and an enhanced ability to adapt to change. We feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with these highly talented consultants.

Jaqui Cannon 
Chief Development Officer. Consolidated Pastoral Company Pty Ltd

I had never experienced something aimed completely at me that was so focussed, honest and fair, that got to the essence of what I was, in terms of both skills and behaviour, and where I was at. The tools and learnings Jan gave me are brilliantly simple and cunningly clever and have equipped me to develop and grow in a far more complete, satisfying and professionally successful way.

Stephen Witten  
Head of Distribution Operations. Westpac

Michelle worked with me to prepare an effective program/coaching for the women in wholesale services. Her follow up and innovative approach to responding to my needs was outstanding. Her ability to connect and relate to the coachees was exceptional. I received exceptional feedback on the sessions which was a credit to Michelle’s facilitation and planning

Michelle Riley   
Manager, Wholesale Services, Melbourne Water

Michelle’s work is of highest professional standard and has produced demonstrable results within our organisation. I highly recommend her to any company in need of effective executive coaching and professional development.

Paula Allen 
CEO. LUCRF Superannuation

Jan is outstanding in her understanding of people and teams. She brings out the best in both.

Yvonne Le Bas  
General Manager – Process, Excellence and Productivity. Westpac

Michelle specalises in facilitating change and strategically managing teams. The results always show a marked improvement in individual and team performance.

Catherine Gillespie 
Director. Workplace Harmony Solutions 

Jan works with great sensitivity, intelligence and a high degree of integrity and develops insights into the needs of her clients. She handles difficult situations with a great deal of calm compassion, objectivity and fairness. I would highly recommend Jan to potential clients. Top Qualities: Great results, Personable & High Integrity

Jannet Molloy  
School Principal. Noosa 

Michelle, I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for your assistance at our recent strategy workshop. Your facilitation skills were excellent and ensured we got the most out of our session and that we met our objectives. We had a “jam packed” agenda and somehow you managed to ensure we covered it all! I think your engaging and non confrontational personal style assisted greatly in allowing the team to work well together and get the best outcome. I also really appreciated your follow up with me after the workshop. Your observations and key areas to address were spot on.

Sonia Tammaro  
National Resourcing Manager. Origin Energy

Jan is incredibly focused in her passion to help people change and she has helped me on many occasions. Whether its one question i need to workshop or a whole strategy, i love that Jan covers all bases and really cares. She is result orientated and a joy to be with. Very inspiring!

Jannine Barron 
Owner. Natures Child 

If you ever need someone to trust, develop your ideas, help implement your plans or simply discuss your ambitions for your business or personal goals, I haven’t met anyone better!

Andrew Morrison  
Business Development Manager (Client Partner). Partner Re

We have used Jan within our Child Care business to support the management and training of staff from Management all the way down the line! Jan has spent time at our centres getting to know who we are and how we work! Her assistance with Conflict Management training has progressed to on-call coaching for centre directors and management! Jan has also done Leadership training with us. I look forward to a long working relationship with Jan!

Gemma Lavelle   
General Manager. Acre Woods Group 

Michelle uses her insight and empathy to build trust with clients and help them bring the best out of themselves. she challenges and encourages in equal measure and is a pleasure to work with.

Sarah Clarke   
Director of Public Affairs. Yarra Trams  

Jan has a unique ability to understand, identify and correct thought processes and patterns which limit your way of thinking and her subsequent solutions help you get out of that ‘mental rut’. Her coaching style is incredibly intuitive, practical and grounded and in addition to her genuine passion in what she does, this differentiates her over and above traditional text book style coaches. Jan also has a fantastic grasp of interpreting Myers Briggs profiling and how to work best with it. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jan and look forward to doing so again.

Jason Taylor    
Recruitment Manager. Perpetual Limited  

I have attended several team building day-long seminars run by Jan. the results in all cases have been very positive, due in no small part to Jan’s expertise, enthusiasm and engaging presentation style.

Peter Forrester   
PMO Manager, IT Services. Transfield Services

Jan has facilitated a number of exceptional team days (leadership and whole project/portfolio teams). Every session has been engaging, participative and information rich. The session objectives have been comprehensively achieved with a significant positive impact on the team dynamic. Jan is a highly intuitive and effective team facilitator whom I highly recommend.

Kate Higgs  
Executive Coach and Consultant. Coactive Coaching

As a personal development coach, Jan has a great ability to increase your self awareness, stretch your thinking and make changes to your everyday working life that yield significant benefits in terms of leadership, team management and personal effectiveness. Jan can make a difference to your career as well as other aspects of your life – I highly recommend her as a coach.

Paul Jordan  
Head of Finance and Small Business. Westpac

Thank you Jan for playing an important part in our team building conference on the Gold Coast. Your session was fantastic, I learnt a lot about myself and I think so did everyone else. I appreciate your insightful ideas and suggestions which will be invaluable going forward. I would recommend your team communications and development skills to all!

Phil Sheppard
Managing Director. Creative Analytics Pty Ltd 

Working with Jan was an absolute blast. I was speaking at some event for one of her clients. Thanks to her amazing rapport with the group and brilliant facilitation the group were really primed and great fun to work with. Whenever Jan's name came up within the group the feedback was incredible. Professional, positive and a delight to work with. Thanks Jan and look forward to working with you again some time.

Mark Bunn
Health, Happiness & Performance Speaker  

We are an organisation that is going through a significant transformation with a strong focus on building our leadership capability and improving our organisational culture. Because these changes are so significant, it is critically important that the people and organisations we partner with have the capability, drive and commitment to this transformation that we do.

While I was excited and optimistic to partner with People Leaders, who have developed and led a leadership program with our frontline leaders, I wasn’t ready for the transformational outcome this has had for our leaders, their managers and their staff across our organisation. Our frontline leaders have loved the mixture of content, sharing of stories, challenge and care that Michelle and Jan have led. They have also gained significant learnings through the coaching and support that Jan and Michelle have undertaken- this has allowed our leaders to test things out in their day to day roles and then come back and work through what has worked and what hasn’t in a safe environment.

Our aspirations as an organisation are high, and we still have much to do, but the work that Jan and Michelle have done with us at People Leaders has provided a great base from which to build.

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David Ryan

Managing Director. City West Water

Now I have clear direction as to what I need to do, I have some goals that align with my specific needs as a young professional that are realistic and measurable.

Melbourne Water

Feedback from Melbourne Water Women's Career Group coaching sessions 2017

Jan facilitated a leader off-site for us in February 2019. We had a thorough brief and knew exactly what we were looking to achieve for the team. The day was to include Myers Briggs personality types, which needed to help us align with our vision for the year ahead and the best ways of working together.

Jan was a professional from our initial contact, through to the delivery on the day. She has a huge amount of experience and earned the respect of the group immediately. She quickly understood the team, drew out discussion topics, and spent time on areas that were of clear importance to the attendees.

Her facilitation was some of the best I've seen (and I've worked with many vendors). I would without hesitation, work with Jan again and highly recommend her for this type of engagement

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Danielle Dacunha-Howarth

Regional Manager Sales Enablement, Sales Force

Prior to working with Jan, I had communication difficulties and approached the
workplace with a personal mentality– rather than a business minded mentality. Within moments of our coaching session, I knew the two were very different!

Since working with Jan, I have been able to express myself better, acknowledge staff personality profiles and better understand the value of my team having a leader.

I was able to put the information I learnt into practice immediately and I felt I had great support from Jan and her guidance.

Additionally Jan made me and my business partner feel extremely comfortable, valid and heard. I appreciated her tailoring our session to my specific need sand circumstance.

Thank you Jan – it was a wonderful experience that inspired me and will carry forward in my professional career.

Candice Rose-O'Rourke Career Group Co-owner, Zulu and Zepher

Jan presented to me and my senior manager colleagues. Her presentation and interaction skills were admirable and authentic.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jan in leading a group, such as she did and engendering ideas and tips on self and team performance. Discussions with my colleagues after Jan’s presentation confirmed my endorsements."

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Aldo Loprete

Registrar, Department of Justice

Michelle is an exceptional professional coach, I have found working with her hugely beneficial.

Her innate ability to read complex organisational situations, and rapidly apply her experience grounded in a strong evidence base is powerful.

Michelle has a rare combination of being direct and efficient while also genuinely kind and encouraging. She connects meaningfully with her clients to ensure they always feel supported and challenged to be the best version of themselves.

Melbourne Water

Andrea Burns

Submission & Segment Manager, Melbourne Water

Sincere advice, directed to the core. I was fortunate to meet Jan (& Michelle) when they did a leadership upliftment initiative for the organisation I as working with.

They started off getting people to understand their own personalities and styles, then showed how these could frustrate or enable professional / personal interactions. 

Jan was always attentive with listening and sincere with feedback. Sometimes asking difficult questions to push the boundary of one’s understanding / learning.

She developed easy to use processes and task lists, which were instrumental in getting the cultural shift the organisation was looking of. Professional, kind, honest, skillful.

Shaun Begley 

Senior Advisor, Inside Infastructure