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Solve 80% of Your Delegation Problems With this One Simple Process

Delegation is a critical aspect of leadership, but one that so many leaders struggle with. Most of the business owners and leaders we work with say that delegation is one of their biggest frustrations and the thing that keeps them awake most at night.

Where do you fit on the delegation frustration scale? Run through this quick checklist and ask yourself how often you think or say any of the following in an average week:

“By the time I explain what I want done, it’s just easier to do it myself…”
“I could get someone else to do it, but they won’t do it as well as I could…”
“I’m sick of having to redo work that I’ve asked others to do…”
“The work is good, but if they keep missing the deadlines, it’s not that useful to me…”

You might have slight variations on the above, but if any of these cross your mind more than three or four times a week, you’ve got a serious delegation problem that needs fixing.

And while you might think that your people are the problem, the good news is that 80% of the problem is usually with your process, rather than your people.

And once you get the process right, then you can see where your real people problems are (if in fact you have any).

A Process-Oriented Delegation Solution

Most leaders have a top-heavy approach to delegation.

They’ll have one or two people that they trust the most, and give the lion’s share of delegated tasks and projects to those people.

The end result is a small portion of people on the team are overworked, while a larger portion of the team and their talents is underutilised.

This is the antithesis of Deep Leadership™, one of the core principles that we teach at People Leaders.

The People Leaders Delegation Power Tool puts an end to this approach and:
Gives you a simple framework to make an objective assessment of the tasks and talent on your team
Provides a repeatable structure to delegate your projects and tasks clearly and efficiently
Sets clear and accurate expectations on both sides of the transaction
Eliminates ambiguity about the outcomes required
Balances the workload more evenly amongst your team
Promotes a culture of Deep Leadership™ throughout the team

You’ll save countless hours of fruitless work, both for you and your team, and eliminate the stress of having to constantly go into damage control when poorly executed work comes back to you.

The People Leaders Delegation Power Tool

As you’d expect from a power tool, the People Leaders Delegation Power Tool gives you maximum efficiency for minimal input.

It takes you about five minutes to learn how to use the tool, then you can make it part of your standard routine, any time a project or task comes up that isn’t the best use of your time.

The Delegation Power Tool includes:
5 minute instructional video guide
25 minute optional audio training with Jan and Michelle
3-page pdf template with that lays out the entire process
  • Make objective assessments of your team’s capabilities using the Suitability Index covering five different criteria
  • Delegate your tasks with clarity, knowing who is doing what, the resources they have available, the stakeholders affected, what should be delivered and when it should be delivered by.

Often the best solutions are the simplest solutions, and the People Leaders Delegation Power Tool fits both criteria. Easy to use and with powerful results.

Here’s What Other Users Have Said…

The delegation template you sent me the other day was a game changer. I can see now that I was overthinking things and under communicating what I wanted done. The template bypasses my usual biases and keeps me on point with my instructions. I feel lighter already! Thank you.

Jason D. 

Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia

If I’d discovered this template sooner my life would have been so much easier! I can already see people rising to the occasion now that I’m showing more trust and giving them more responsibility. I think this Deep Leadership thing might just be real after all :-).

Tracey M.

Operations Manager, Auckland, New Zealand

Your Delegation Power Tool Could be in Your Pocket in the Next Few Minutes

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