Meet The Team

Our team is certified in several highly validated tools which include:
MBTI step 1 & 2, Clarity 4D, LSI, OCI, GSI, Leadership Impact, Hogan, Leadership Circle and HBDI.
They are also certified coaching practitioners and qualified to facilitate the Enneagram.
Our committed team of facilitators, associates and support personnel provides services throughout Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South-East Asia.

Founders and Managing Directors Michelle and Jan Terkelsen

Michelle Terkelsen

Michelle Terkelsen 
MBTI Specialist, Master Facilitator, Leadership Coach and High-Performing Team Facilitator

‘Bringing out the best’ in individuals and teams for over 20 years has been eye opening. Working with amazing people at all levels within an organisation my specialties include: Facilitation, Creation of Impactful Leadership programs, working to create High performing teams, and strategic change management. I have an MBA in Organisational Development and B.Ed.(Secondary). I am also lecturing at Deakin University in the business school. Spending time in the learning environments with mostly Millennials has given me a fresh insight into how they think and what they want in their work life.
When I’m coaching teams or leaders I tend to follow a strategic approach that allows my clients to experience more confidence to lead from within, be more adept at coaching others and significantly improve their performance.

I am an accredited and experienced practitioner in a number of well-established and highly validated inventories such as the Myers Briggs Step 1 & 2, Leadership Impact, TK conflict styles and LSI (powerful feedback mechanisms for growth and development).

I have been an entrepreneur, consultant and coach since 1997, after a successful career in Lend Lease I established a consulting practice in the UK where I spent several years developing and delivering programs in areas of Leadership, Business Planning Facilitation for teams, Executive and Team Coaching and train the trainer facilitation.
I have worked with companies such as National Australia Bank, Macquarie Bank, Origin Energy, Bovis Lend Lease Europe, LUCRF, Westpac, Challenger, Jetstar, Broadspectrum, Public Transport Victoria and CPC to name a few. My interest in self-development and performance systems has led me to my current role as the Director of People Leaders Pty Ltd. Creating cutting edge programs and watching managers blossom into authentic people leaders has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my professional career. 

Jan Terkelsen

Jan Terkelsen 
MBTI Specialist, Master Facilitator, Leadership Coach and High-Performing Team Facilitator

I support people to create high performing habits. I have been an executive coach, consultant and facilitator in corporate Australia for more than 18 years and I understand what it takes to create sustainable change in one’s life. It takes three things, understanding one’s beliefs, managing emotions and taking focused action in the direction you have decided you want to go.

I am an experienced personality profiler and behavioural change specialist, and I have a deep interest and track record in assisting people with a preference for introversion. I work with clients to leverage this thinking style to create opportunities and openings in their life. Personality impacts decisions, communication and relationships, and I work with my clients, so they can discover how they can use their thinking preferences to support career aspirations, influence others and have a meaningful work life.

Combining my knowledge of personality and physical wellbeing through my experience as a fitness professional, I understand the link between physical, mental and emotional energies. Once you understand your main drivers and limiting beliefs you can create constructive behaviours that “stick”.

Leaders today are dealing with, a rate of change that is only going get faster as well as a diverse and dispersed work force. Having a robust and effective decision-making process is key to moving forward effectively. I work with clients to craft and implement a distinct process that is usable and effective, even drilling down to the number of options each individual needs to generate, and key questions to ask to unlock the best options. I also have an MBA in Human Resources and numerous accreditations including: MBTI, OCI, LSI, GSI, NLP and coaching.

Meet The Team 

Virginia Thompson
Change Specialist and Master Facilitator

I approach every client with energy, creativity and a genuine desire to affect change. Over the past 20 years I have lead and provided executive coaching and consulting for numerous Culture, Leadership and Change programs.

I spent 15 years within MLC/NAB in strategic HR and business transformation prior to cofounding my first consultancy, Human Priority in 2006. This experience makes my approach pragmatic and results orientated. Clients include Westpac, Challenger, ASIC, Broadspectrum, NAB, Transport NSW, the Gidget Foundation and Lend Lease.

I describe myself as having a disarming and effective way of creating trust within teams, bringing the best of the current neuroscience research to my leadership coaching and development. I have a compassionate yet demanding approach and get great joy from assisting my clients succeed. I am also the author of ‘Emotional Contracts’ which explores the unwritten, often unspoken sense of agreement what underpins team performance.

My deep understanding and experience in group dynamics ensure shared ownership is at the core of my approach and I consider myself to be a master facilitator as a result.

I use proven strategic planning and behavioural approaches to assist design and facilitate tailored strategy and business planning events and interventions. I am a masterful Emcee and key note speaker who provides clients with compelling insights and infectious energy.

I am an experienced and accredited Practitioner in numerous diagnostics and inventories including NLP, LSI/LI, Hogan, Leadership Circle and HBDI. I have a Bachelor of Education and post Graduate qualifications in Business Management and Change Management though AGSM.

Richard Nedov
Leadership Mentoring and Operational Efficiency Specialist

I have very diverse global executive experience with broad industrial background across infrastructure, energy, renewables, water, roads, public transport, logistics and multidisciplinary contracting industries. In addition to senior/chief executive roles, I have also effectively led Human Resources, Procurement and Supply Chain functions in an ASX 200 company. I have a proven track record in business turnaround roles, business improvement and driving operational and cultural change and demonstrated ability in dealing with government and private sector organisations with multiple complex stakeholders as partners and clients. I am committed to build and support motivated, engaged and high-performance teams.

I am currently Chair of Active Group Holdings Pty Ltd and YMCA (Y) Services Pty Ltd; and a Director of YMCA (Y) Australia. I was previously Chair of Sydney Harbour Ferries Limited until Broadspectrum sold its shares in late 2016; and a director of TW Power Services Limited.

I am excited to partner with People Leaders on projects that need my specialty skill. Working with People Leaders over the years has proven to be a great opportunity to build capability in the businesses we work with. It also proves that we have the consulting expertise to provide a business turn around this includes operational efficiency; project, joint venture and alliance governance; procurement and commercial management; leadership, mentoring, diversity and inclusion.

In addition to my current NED roles, I continue to consult to organisations at Board and CE level. I work with the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation on varied commercial matters and am passionate in promotion of our aboriginal heritage and connection. I have been and continue to be an enthusiastic mentor to businesswomen.

I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree, and have completed advanced management programs at INSEAD and Melbourne Business School and am a graduate from the Australian Institute of Directors.

Geoff McDonald

Geoff McDonald
Futurist and Strategic Thinker

I help you create opportunities and plot a path to fulfil them.


Originally, I trained as an architect in Australia and the US before practicing in the UK. I quit architecture when I became more interested in future trends and digital technology than designing individual buildings. I’ve been exploring business trends and opportunities ever since.


This is usually delivered through individual coaching, keynote presentations, designing training or facilitating strategic planning events.


My strength is to be able to sort through a lot of information and complexity, find the essence of what is going on and identify a clear pathway for success.


I’m the guy you bring in when you want a fresh perspective on what’s happening in your organisation or industry. I can uncover that in partnership with you using design thinking or deliver my independent thoughts.


I love to research and write. I’m best known for creating Book Rapper – a business book summary service that was downloaded over 100,000 times.


This follows from being an obsessive reader and learner – over 500 books in the past 10 years. I’ve also written ten books, over 75 ebooks and published over 1000 blog posts.


I have a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degrees in Architecture, a Diploma of Ontological Coaching; I’m a Master Practitioner in NLP and have completed various programs around Mindfulness and Emotional Balance.


If I’m not watching live sport, I’m usually out walking or riding my bike and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

People Leaders’ Support Team

Brett Jarman
Business Development

Cherrie Salinas
Design Lead

Madison Terkelsen
Operations Manager

Cessielou Dosdos
Research and Admin Assistant