Supercharge Your One-on-One Time with Your Direct Reports

Turn Your One-on-One Catch-Ups into Powerful Sessions with Purposeful Outcomes

“Catch-up” can be a pretty vague way of describing interactions between leaders and their direct reports, and unfortunately, most leaders take a pretty vague approach to them.

Critical mistakes we often see leaders make with one-on-one catch-ups include:

Focusing on current tasks rather than the big picture
Waiting for regular performance reviews for catch-up style conversations
Insufficient follow through (by the leader and their direct report)
Irregular scheduling 
Lack of structure
Too much informality
Missed opportunities (i.e. not delegating, forgetting to discuss x, y and z.)

Having a simple template to work from can prevent you from making these mistakes and transform your catch-ups into powerful sessions that move you and your team forward.

A Four-Step One-on-One Catch-Up Template Tool

Using our simple four-step process, you can ensure that the actions that will move the needle for your team don’t slip through the cracks.

  • Step 1 ties up any loose ends from the previous catch-up.
  • Step 2 brings your direct reports up to date on what’s new and what’s coming over the horizon
  • Step 3 provides an opportunity to give feedback to the team member, both positive and corrective, using the SBIN model
  • Step 4 provides an opportunity to assign projects that align with their overall development goals.

You’ll start and finish each catch-up efficiently, with both of you on the same page and with clarity about expectations moving forward.

As you’d expect from a power tool, the People Leaders One-on-One Catch-Up Template gives you maximum efficiency for minimal input.

It takes you about five minutes to learn how to use the template, then you can make it part of your standard routine.

The One-on-One Catch-Up Template Tool includes:
5 minute instructional video guide
10 minute optional audio training with Jan and Michelle
2-page pdf template with that lays out the entire process
  • Simple flow chart showing each of the four steps
  • Sample coaching questions to keep the discussion at just the right level
  • One-page prep sheet so you can make sure nothing slips through the cracks, either before or after the session
  • Tips and tricks to refine the process

Often the best solutions are the simplest solutions, and the People Leaders One-on-One Catch-Up Template Tool fits both criteria. Easy to use and with powerful results.

Here’s What Other Users Have Said…

I’ve always taken a casual approach to my leadership role, and it’s helped me build good relationships with my team, but I could see it wasn’t allowing me to bring out the best of what they had to offer. Using the One-on-One Catch-Up Template, I’ve still been able to retain my casual manner but it’s turned our catch-ups into really productive sessions. Simple to use, but highly effective.

Andrea F.

General Manager, Newcastle, Australia

This template has changed the game for me. We’ve always got technical projects on the go and don’t get the chance often to zoom out and and look at our work from the individual’s perspective. Now we’ve got the best of both worlds, technical meetings for technical discussions and catch-ups to keep us on point in between our regular performance reviews.

Robert K.

Manager Technical Services, Hobart, Australia

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