High-Performing Team Programs

Our High-Performing Teams Program uses a variety of effective diagnostic tools, one key input into this program was developed originally by Mark Alexander, “The Team Effectiveness Critique” and adapted by Jan and Michelle Terkelsen of People Leaders.

The High-Performing Team Program fleshes out the important issues the team is dealing with and brings a practical bent to team building. Team building at it’s best is when the team works together on issues that they believe are, important, that impact them and impact the business.

By working with us the team will learn:

  • How to establish and maintain team goals
  • The importance of interpersonal relations among team members and how to nurture them
  • How to establish clear roles and accountabilities
  • How to identify and prioritise critical processes and procedures
  • How to manage stakeholder relationships
  • The important elements of effective team communication
  • The key factors that enhance and maintain the wellbeing of team members

Key Benefits of the High-Performing Team Program:

  • Increased team effectiveness and productivity.
  • Enhanced communication within the team.
  • A greater understanding of the impact team members have on each other.
  • Translating organisational goals into clear team outcomes.
  • Developing a culture of trust which is a key factor in determining team success.

Ideal for Teams Who:

  • Are interested in team development
  • Are going through transition
  • Are interested in developing a deeper understanding of themselves and others
  • Want team building with lasting impact
  • Have just merged
  • Are able to and committed to a full day of professional development
  • Want to create a more memorable team building experience
  • Have a new manager
  • Want to apply the knowledge from team building foundations to their situation in real time

Inputs to the High-Performing Team Program

  • People Leaders High-Performing Team Assessment Tool
  • Individual post-workshop phone coaching to integrate and consolidate learnings
  • Individual recommendations for ongoing professional development
  • Psychometric tools such as MBTI, LSI. LI (where appropriate)

If you have questions about our Team Turnaround Workshops or programs please phone us directly 0425 795 938 Jan and 0424 298 438 Michelle or email us with your details.