Our Brand Promise

Yes, we walk our talk. As well as helping our clients develop their company and team values, we also have our own set of company values that we proudly live by... 

Better Together

Collaboration is more than just working together.

We foster an atmosphere of:

  • Positive Shared Experience - everyone contributes to something bigger than we could achieve on our own and we dare to make work fun
  • Inclusiveness - our differences are celebrated and the only judgements that we make are those that uplift and inspire
  • Connection and Community - everyone is working together for a common purpose and is free to rise to their unique expression of leadership.

The Daily Litmus Test: Did I share my gifts and talents freely today and did I receive the gifts and talents of others with grace and acceptance?

Daring Discovery

Innovation and progressive change comes from having an adventurous spirit.

We create possibilities for ourselves and others by ensuring we:

  • Are Open and Curious - ask the questions that lead to discovery and transformation
  • Learn to Teach and Teach to Learn - never assume that we know all that we need to know
  • Test and Measure - put our learnings into practice and measure their value and effectiveness in real-world situations.

The Daily Litmus Test: Did I seek out new knowledge and put it to the test today? Was I generous with my own knowledge and did I give others the opportunity to learn from my experience? 

Free Spirit

Even though boundaries and limitations are inevitable in work, we don’t let limitations define us or our experience.

We encourage:

  • Autonomy - empower each other to take action and to take risks
  • Self Expression and Creativity - allow people to flourish and bring life to their work
  • Ambition - allow ourselves and others to rise to the opportunities and challenges that are presented to us.

The Daily Litmus Test: Did I grant others autonomy and did I take full advantage of the autonomy granted to me today?

Active Empathy

Assuming that everyone is doing their best puts us all on an equal footing.

We relate to each other with:

  • Compassion - ask silently and receive the answer without judgement, “What’s it like to be you?”
  • Trust - assume trust rather than expecting someone to earn it
  • Authenticity - be vulnerable, be open, be honest.

The Daily Litmus Test: Was I kind and honest in my words and deeds today?

Always Better

Good enough is good enough but even just slightly better is so much better.

We maintain an attitude of:

  • Continuous-and-Never-Ending Improvement - follow nature’s lead and continuously evolve
  • Above-the-Line Thinking - choose the words and deeds that elevate the situation
  • Ownership - own our successes and our mistakes because we learn from both

The Daily Litmus Test: Did I surprise and delight anyone else with my work today? Did I surprise and delight myself with my work today?

The mark of a great leader is not in the work that they do,
but the extent to which they allow others to flourish in their work.