About People Leaders

Jan and Michelle Terkelsen

People Leaders is a boutique consultancy and training provider specialising in the development of high performing teams for business of all sizes. We teach managers to become leaders and inspire staff to become teams.

We believe that work shouldn’t be ‘work’, that stress is optional, and that and everyone deserves a work environment that’s inclusive and inspiring for all.

We work on the premise that a rising tide lifts all ships and that a high performing team is a collective of high performing individuals. If each individual understands themselves better, then they can better understand those around them. This leads to higher acceptance of each other and a greater ability to leverage each other’s strengths and inspire each other to do great things.

It’s pretty simple stuff really but, let’s face it, people can be pretty complex and complicated so sometimes you need a little help to get that result. That’s where we come in.

A peak moment for us, and our clients, is that moment when they finally understand why they do things the way they do. It’s usually closely followed by another peak moment, when they finally understand why someone else does things the way they do. Toleration becomes celebration. Frustration gives way to communication. Priceless!

How do we do it? Well that depends on you and your needs. We work with proven frameworks but make them fit your business and your teams’ situations. Facilitation, coaching, MBTI profiling and workshops, LSI profiling and our own proprietary High Performing Team Assessment Tool and Framework. We even have a Hundred Day High Performing Team Plan for People Leaders and their Teams. We can work out the details once we know more about your situation and your desired outcome.

We were going to use words like ‘leadership development’, ‘drive performance’, ‘capability lift’, ‘partner with clients to get best outcomes’ and so on but you probably get the picture by now. All that remains is the proof that we know what we’re talking about.

Collectively we have more than 35 years’ experience between us (yes, we started when we were 15 :-), working with organisations in Australia and New Zealand such as Westpac, NAB, Origin Energy, Shell, Jetstar, Queensland Health, Melbourne Water, Transfield and lots of other large corporations. And we love working with the smaller businesses too – Acrewood Childcare Centres, Consolidated Pastoral Company, Perpetual Ltd, Creative Analytics and more.

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Accreditations include MBTI (introductory and advanced), LSI, OCI, GSI, Leadership Impact, The Enneagram, and advanced coaching.

If you have a need for expertise in the development of your teams, managers or leaders in the meantime, please contact us or call us during office hours on.