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Team Building

Team Building 

Our specialty is creating high performing teams for business workplaces. Using in-house and proprietary diagnostic tools we home in on the issues that will give your team the biggest impact and facilitate programs guaranteed to deliver the desired results. Whether it’s workplace communication, leadership, accountability, strategic direction or culture, we’ll put your team on the path to high performance.

Training and Development

Staff training and development represents a big investment in both time and money for any business. Our bespoke training programs cut to the chase and ensure that your staff and leadership teams are back at the coal face with minimal down time but with maximal learning. Plus, our programs are backed with resources to integrate and action the material covered.

Executive Coaching

Our approach to Leadership and Management Coaching is simple – once you have gained insight into how you and those around you operate, you can then move into acceptance, change and transformation. Coaching at the executive level leads to performance improvements throughout the business and directly impacts the bottom line.

Laurel Terkelsen -Jan & Michelle's Mum

"I don't know what they do but I hear they are very good at it."

In this episode, we’re chatting to Craig Meinicke, the founder and managing director of Touchpoint One, a Brisbane-based management consultancy business. He has over 20 years’ experience across many different industries and in various utility sectors including water, electricity, transport and resources.
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