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5 Tips to Effectively Influence ‘Feelers’ People Leaders

5 Tips to Effectively Influence ‘Feelers’

By PeopleLeaders | People Leaders Podcast

Influencing is an important skill for anyone, especially people leaders. In this post, we continue our discussion on Influencing, focusing our attention on how best to address those with the personality style of ‘Feeler’. Let’s be clear again – this isn’t about manipulation. It’s about how delivery of a message is integral to how it’s received. To influence someone with a predominant decision-making style, we can message our communication in a certain way to influence the outcome for a win win.

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Influence Through Preparedness and Tangible Takeaways

By PeopleLeaders | People Leaders Podcast

Today we’re sharing insights about the benefits of preparing tangible takeaways before heading into an exchange with a team member (or a colleague for that matter). We’ve recently come across several situations where we’ve helped leaders prepare for a variety of responses heading into a conversation. Invariably we’ve found that presenting visual materials or specific evidence to back up points or demonstrate intent has successfully influenced outcomes.

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Growth – The Sixth Dimension of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool

By PeopleLeaders | High Performing Team Assessment Tool , People Leaders Podcast

It’s a standard law of nature that where there is no growth things become stagnant. This is true in the organisational environment as well. Personal and team growth is critical and without it, work becomes mundane and businesses get left behind as the ‘competition’ moves ahead. Of course we’re not referring here to growth in the […]

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