Leadership Impact Assessment Tool

Designed for those in leadership roles—primarily senior managers, high-potential middle managers, and CEOs—Leadership/Impact® is a 360-feedback assessment.

Leadership Impact provides those in leadership positions with unique insights into their leadership strategies and the impact of these on the behaviour and performance of those being led.

Leadership Impact provides Leaders with Feedback on:

Leadership Strategies – the extent to which the leader personally acts in prescriptive ways (guides others’ activities and behaviours towards goals, opportunities and task accomplishment) versus restrictive ways (constrains or prohibits activities and behaviours)

Impact on Others – the extent to which the leader motivates or drives people to behave in Constructive, Passive/Defensive or Aggressive/Defensive ways.

Effectiveness – including a number of organisational leadership and personal effectiveness measures

This is a great tool to use when stepping into a more senior role or when you have been in a leadership position for sometime and would like to gain a deeper insight into your effectiveness as a leader .

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