Wellbeing Programs

The key message of the People Leaders Wellbeing Program is you that want to be able to manage your energies, not your time or your to-do list. This workshop is full of interactive and informative activities.

By working with us the team will learn:

  • How to stay mindful and open when your inbox is full – teaching and demonstrating mindfulness practices
  • One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself
  • Top 5 strategies for building a resilient body
  • How to cope with mental fatigue and how to consciously connect the mind and the body, a breathing exercise from yoga called pranayama
  • How to manage your emotional energy (emotion = energy in motion)
  • Four most powerful emotions and how they can support you
  • How to develop a personal practice that supports mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being

Key Benefits of the Wellbeing Program:

  • More constructive and healthy team
  • Team members who are better informed about health and wellness
  • Reduced levels of unhealthy and unsupportive habits

Ideal for Teams Who:

  • Want an interesting and informative team session
  • Are interested in health and wellbeing
  • Are interested in learning about stress management strategies

Inputs to the Wellbeing Program

  • Health and wellbeing action plan
  • Tools and activities to enhance mental, emotional and physical well being of team members

If you have questions about our Wellbeing Workshops or programs please phone us directly 0425 795 938 Jan and 0424 298 438 Michelle or email us with your details.