Team Turnaround Workshop

The Team Turnaround workshop is specifically designed for teams currently working in conflict and high stress situations.

By working with us the team will:

  • Understand the key factors that are impacting the quality of their interactions
  • Gain deeper insight as to what needs to shift and the interventions necessary
  • Understand how they need to communicate with each other for maximum effectiveness
  • Design a behavioural checklist that they can agree to abide by and hold each other to account
  • Learn the necessary skills and strategies that contribute to a constructive workplace

Key Benefits of the Team Turnaround Workshops

  • Fewer incidents of high conflict interactions
  • More constructive and effective team communication and interactions
  • Higher productivity and performance
  • More harmonious working environment

Ideal for Teams Who:

  • Are in crisis or dealing with unresolved conflict
  • Are going through exponential change
  • Have agreed to participate fully in the process
  • Are willing to speak honestly
  • Want things to change and see this as an important step in the process

Inputs to the Team Turnaround Workshops

  • One-one-one telephone interview with every team member
  • Report outlining recommendations and interventions
  • One-on-one coaching and support for the people leader of the team

If you have questions about our Team Turnaround Workshops or programs please phone us directly 0425 795 938 Jan and 0424 298 438 Michelle or email us with your details.