Who’d Be On Your Team?

By PeopleLeaders | Communication

Who would be on your team?

Who’d be on your team?

Most of the time we actually don’t pick our own teams, they are picked for us. We get promoted into them, we get seconded, transferred, even referred into them. Some teams we are even born into. I’m going to save that topic for another post though.

If you work for a large organisation you are part of multiple teams. If you work solo or are a contractor, you still need to work in teams, from one project to the other.

So my question is, who would you have on your team and why? As a manager you need to be asking these questions and be able to clearly articulate the answer, so every team member knows what you see as their unique contribution. Then you could ask yourself.

Would I pick myself?

What do you bring to the table? Are you motivated, action oriented and constructive?

Do you share knowledge easily and regularly?

Are you positive and affirming?

What criteria do you set for your team and yourself?

As a manager or member of a team we all add to the end result. That’s why it is so damn satisfying when you know you have done great work. You have added something that no one else could or did. Being special is overrated. Being unique and using your talents in a way that contributes is what will make an awesome team.

Ultimately we want everyone on our team, so start by acknowledging the contributions and unique qualities that everyone you encounter holds.

What characteristics do you think is important to have on a team? Let us know in the comments below