Top 5 Reasons Teams Fail and What You Can Do About It Today

By PeopleLeaders | Communication

Five reasons why teams fail

OK – fail might be a strong word but if a team isn’t working at it’s peak, you can be sure it’s one of more of the following five factors at play.

Scroll down to read what they are, including tips on how to bring things back on track…

1. Unclear Goals

Do you have a set of team objectives or goals that every member of your team understands and is working towards?

Display and circulate your team goals on a poster that’s displayed where everyone can see it on a daily basis

2. Disorganisation

Do you have clear processes that define…

  • how to keep each other informed?
  • how to manage resources?
  • how to allocate work?
  • what to do when the process fails?

Get together with your team and agree or reconfirm how you will manage these.

3. Competing priorities

Do you work on activities that help achieve team goals most of the time instead of discrete individual tasks at the expense of team goals?

Set some time aside to work on a team goal today.

4. Lack of commitment

Do you go out of your way to put in discretionary effort for the sake of others in the team?

Share some knowledge or skill with another team member this week.

5. Conflict

  • Do you talk to team members in a straightforward, respectful manner?
  • If there is conflict is there a clear and timely approach to resolving it?
  • Do people in the team have the skills to have a difficult conversation?

Have that straightforward and respectful conversation that you have been putting off with your team member(s) today.