Virginia Thompson Interview – Being An Effective Leader In A World Of Uncertainty

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Virginia Thompson Interview - Being An Effective Leader In A World Of Uncertainty People Leaders

When a business goes through a period of change, good or bad, it can be unsettling for its employees. That’s where people leaders are important; knowing how to deal with change and having the skills to react the right way can help a team move forward.

In this episode, we chat to Virginia Thompson about how employees can connect strategy and purpose and learn to live with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Virginia is director and co-founder of Human Priority and a specialist member of the People Leaders team. She has worked in corporate facilitation, consultation and executive coaching for the last 15 years.

We know her as a master coach and someone who has the ability to manage a large scale change, having worked with Virginia on a number of large transformational programs. 

Episode Highlights:
  • What Virginia does and why she loves it
  • Why executive coaching is so important - allows people leaders the chance to take time out to reflect on what’s important
  • We all play multiple roles so it’s key we remember our goals and what needs to be done to achieve them
  • The many reasons executives go to coaching sessions
  • A common theme in both individual and group coaching sessions - underestimating the amount of effort required to make a change
  • Virginia’s tips for coaching executives through change
  • Humans tend to be uncomfortable with change
  • Acknowledging
  • How people leaders can tell their team about change and what they need to do
  • Tools and skills people leaders needs to navigate change - observing, listening, asking questions
  • Opportunities for people leaders to manage change
  • How to set your team up for success - understand how change affects you and your team and put it into perspective
  • Often people don’t mind change but don’t like being changed
  • Virginia’s best piece of advice for a people leader going through change - living in ambiguity and having skills and strategies to help others through that
  • Knowing how to drop back into learner mode
  • Don’t be afraid to use emotional language - it’s validating as a leader
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