Fine Tuning Your Coping Mechanisms And Resilience During Tough Times

By PeopleLeaders | People Leaders Podcast

Fine Tuning Your Coping Mechanisms And Resilience During Tough Times

How are you coping with all the change and uncertainty that’s going on at the moment?

We’ve all been affected in different ways by Covid-19 and all the restrictions that have come with it, not to mention the disturbed routines. Some are taking it in their stride, while others are struggling, particularly those who’ve been forced into a second round of lockdown. We’ll leave you to decide which end of the spectrum you are in.For all of us though, Covid-19 is a masterclass in flexibility.

It’s a non-elective subject that we’re all enrolled in and are coping with to varying degrees. (We discussed this on our latest podcast episode, which you can listen to here).

Our own flexibility has been challenged and, for the most part, we’ve risen to the challenge, making sure that each situation ‘doesn’t take away our peace’.

We put that down to more than 30 years each of working on our own personal development and our own self leadership. This includes reading from great teachers of the past and present, time spent in workshops learning from masters in their field, our regular meditation and yoga practices, and the hours we've each spent teaching, facilitating and coaching leaders in business throughout Australia.We’ve learned a lot along the way and practice the skills we’ve picked up every single day.

But you don't have to wait 30 years to develop the same coping mechanisms or resilience that we have. We’re excited to help you benefit from our 30 years of ‘practical research’ by inviting you to participate in our brand-new Life Essentials Program. We’ve taken some of the most important lessons we’ve learned over the years and assembled them into bite-sized chunks that you can learn, and put into practice, in just a matter of weeks. We could say it’s a 6-week intensive on resilience and coping but it’s actually much more than that. With elements of training and live group coaching with us, it’s a foundational program in self-leadership that you won’t find anywhere else.

So if you like the idea of being in a position where circumstances ‘don’t take away your peace’ you can find out more here, including details of a bonus group coaching call that we’ll add to the program if you sign up before this Friday, August 14th.Here’s to you leading your own way out of the current crisis…