Leadership Accelerator Program
Make 2019 your best year yet as a people leader with our carefully crafted 9 month program designed to take you from being a manager of people to a become leader of people.

You will learn:
The key differences between management and leadership, and why leadership is the best approach for your organisation and your team

Michelle and
Jan Terkelsen

Mastery of self-awareness for you and your team
How to create a compelling vision for and with your team that keeps you all headed in the same direction
How to master the fundamentals of coaching so you can lead your team to become independent thinkers and high achievers in their own right
The key principles of team development so you can create a high-performing team
How to manage and master your own wellbeing and resilience so you can reduce stress and maintain maximum wellbeing, physically, mentally and spiritually.
1 Payment $3600 $1800
(plus GST for Australian buyers)
9 Payments $420 $240
(plus GST for Australian buyers)
Your Program Curriculum and Inclusions
Your People Leaders Leadership Accelerator Program includes:
4 workshops with live Q&A delivered online over 9 months (commencing February 2019) with recordings archived for your reference
People Leadership. Vision and Values.
Team Development.
Coaching and Feedback
Resilience, Wellbeing and Growth.
Group coaching calls to integrate the module learnings
Opportunity for your senior manager and/or mentor to participate in a preview session to understand the program and integrate into their work with you
Access to the People Leaders Leadership Resource Portal including all our current portal resources as well as Leadership Accelerator Program specific resources
Access to the closed Leadership Accelerator Facebook Group where you can engage with your peers in the program
Access to Michelle and Jan for questions via the closed Leadership Accelerator Facebook Group
Pre and post-program assessments to evaluate program effectiveness
PLUS, you’ll also receive a bonus MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Assessment and Debrief, valued at $150

PLUS, you’ll also receive:

- A bonus MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Assessment, Report and Debrief, valued at $350
- A bonus three-way debrief session with us, you and your manager/mentor at the end of the program, valued at $350.
1 Payment $3600 $1800
(plus GST for Australian buyers)
9 Payments $420 $240
(plus GST for Australian buyers)
What happens if I am away or miss a session?
All sessions are recorded and available from the People Leaders Leadership Resource Portal which you will have permanent access to.
Why don’t you deliver the program all at once?
This isn’t just a training program, it’s a leadership development program. In our 20 years working in this field, we’ve found that leadership is an experiential journey and that the best results are achieved my learning in a progressive fashion and then putting that knowledge to work with the support of experienced coaches.
I’ll need management approval to sign up for the program. Can you supply a letter outlining the benefits and value to support my application?
Yes, email us with your details and we will provide a personalised letter to support your approval process.
My company will be paying. Can you issue an invoice for payment instead of taking a credit card payments?
Yes. If your organisation is paying the full pay option at $1800 (+ GST for Australian buyers) the option to pay on a 30 day invoice is available. Email us with your details and we’ll provide the invoice to you for processing. Payment plan options, 9 x $240 (+ GST for Australian buyers) are only available via credit card and can be accessed here
I have already had my MBTI profile done. Will I still need the bonus MBTI report and debrief? 
If you have done an MBTI profile in the past 2 years, you won’t need a new report. If your profile was done more than 2 years ago, we recommend you get your profile done anyway (there is no extra cost for this as it’s included as a bonus).
1 Payment $3600 $1800
(plus GST for Australian buyers)
9 Payments $420 $240
(plus GST for Australian buyers)
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