What is Trust in Leadership? – Jesse Curry Interview

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What is Trust in Leadership - Jesse Curry Interview

In this episode, we’re chatting with Jesse Curry, the founder of First-String Leadership. Founded in July 2019 (first as a blog, now a podcast) to serve other leaders and entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses, but needing leadership training to do so.He began his career as in the US Army as an Aviation Officer, including serving as an Intelligence Officer, up until his final assignment as a company commander in 2016. We discussed in this episode his experiences from being a West Point student and graduate, serving in the army, and working with leaders and entrepreneurs through leadership coaching.

Episode Highlights:

  • Who Jesse Curry is
  • 2 primary principles of trust
  • What trust is and what Jesse thinks of it
  • "Trust and empowerment are hand in hand"
  • "Get Your Own Boots Dirty"
  • Get down, get dirty, build trust
  • Jesse shares his experiences that shifted the way he approached leading teams
  • What is extreme ownership?
  • Jesse talks about HIIT Training
  • "As a leader, as entrepreneurs, and as leaders, if you're not in good physical condition, you're not going to bring your best mental self to work."
  • Jesse shares his West Point experience that led down the mindfulness path
  • "Part of being a leader is you that have a collective mind"
  • "If he's the smartest person in the room, he’s already failed"
  • I'm leading a team now, what could I do to foster trust amongst the team?
  • "Don't just focus on the business piece. Focus on them is a person."
  • "Take care of each other, and they'll (team members) take care of the client."
  • Practical examples that leaders can improve their education and develop around development and leadership
  • "Take prudent risks"
  • "Push your own comfort zones"
  • Jesse's thoughts on feedback
  • "Leadership is a journey"
  • Staying in touch with Jesse (linkedin)

Useful Links

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