Mental First Aid with Sophie Aghdami

By People Leaders | People Leaders Podcast

One in five Australians are challenged with their mental health. Pretty much every leader is going to have to guide people who are suffering, and yet historically, the focus of leadership and management has been on professional performance rather than state of mind. 

Our guest this week, Sophie Aghdami, has been through her own mental battles and come out the other side to become an addiction recovery coach and brand strategist. We’re particularly interested to speak to her because she has a foot in both camps. She has been in high-level roles in some impressive brands in the UK, and runs her own coaching practice called The Wolf You Feed.

We talk to her about how she juggled her own addiction with a high-powered career, how leaders can spot the warning signs among their own colleagues, and how a leader can step up to inspire and support those who really need it.

Episode Highlights:

  • The true meaning of ‘recovery’
  • How to regain control
  • The difference between recovery in rehab and recovery at home
  • What a recovery coach can do for an executive
  • Why Zoom counselling/coaching can sometimes be better than in-person
  • How leaders can reduce the stigma of addiction and recovery in their team
  • The ‘grey area’ of addiction
  • What a leader should do to broach the topic if they suspect one of their team is struggling with addiction
  • The addiction cycle model
  • How a leader can demonstrate they understand addiction
  • The meaning of ‘The Wolf That You Feed’

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