Pass the kava (and the pigs) as Pacific Island Chief Sam talks about leadership

By People Leaders | People Leaders Podcast

You may remember from recent podcasts and posts that we went on holiday to Vanuatu to do some business planning. Since we were discussing people and leadership, we thought we’d chat with a very special someone we met while we were there – Chief Sam.

Chief Sam is an actual Chief of Futuna, a small island in the south of Vanuatu with around 300 people living across four villages. Because we’re always fascinated to learn how different types of leaders work, we were excited to hear all about his role as Chief, and so we shared some Kava and asked him about the joys, responsibilities and challenges of his position.

Listen here or continue reading below.

In this episode you’ll hear all about:

  • ·How Chiefs are appointed
  • How Chiefs learn about their role and responsibilities
  • How a Chief knows when he’s doing a good job
  • What kind of problems and community matters a Chief has to solve
  • How Chiefs develop and maintain respect
  • The most difficult thing about the role
  • What Sam likes most about being a Chief
  • How the Chief's Council brings village Chiefs together
  • What Chief Sam sees as the most important thing about his leadership role

We hope you enjoy the chat as much as we did.