Geoff McDonald Interview – Being A Leader And Creating A Change

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Geoff McDonald Interview – Being A Leader And Creating A Change People Leaders

We all know what makes a good people leader, but have you ever thought about what people leaders might do that could hinder their leadership skills?

Geoff McDonald, a speaker, author and prolific writer, speaks to us in this podcast about the common mistakes managers make too often.

The journey for Geoff began with a degree in architecture. He has also owned his own website design business, a coaching business, and presented training programs.

Nowadays, he concentrates on speaking at conferences and events, and helps other people finish their goals through, Project Done, a guided program that helps people implement projects in their business.

Geoff has also written 8 books over the years, including the soon to be released ‘Disruptive Leadership, which takes a deeper look at the ongoing “leadership crisis”. PLUS he’s kindly giving away three ‘Book Raps’, his condensed versions of popular books. These are a great way to get the essence of a book without investing all the time needed to read them (see links for these below).

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Episode Highlights:

  • Geoff reviews leadership books at Book Rapper
  • 3 books Geoff recommends for leadership - ‘On Becoming A Leader’ by Warren Bennis, ‘The End Of Leadership’ by Barbara Kellerman and ‘The Leadership Challenge’ by Kouzes & Posner (See below for links to Geoff’s ‘Raps’ on these)
  • Key themes in the leadership space
  • New leadership issues - gender, team environment, millennials
  • Moving away from male dominated leadership
  • Why building a good team environment is so crucial
  • Learning to embrace millennials
  • One characteristic every people leader should possess
  • The most common mistake Geoff thinks people leaders make too often - talking too much
  • Geoff’s tips for making the most of reading books that will help you progress as a people leader - read on public transport, at a coffee shop, always carry a book with you
  • About Project Done - why Geoff started the business
  • Why working in a team produces better results than working as an individual
Useful Links:

Geoff McDonald LinkedIn
Geoff McDonald Website
Project Done Website

A review copy of Geoff’s soon to be released book ‘Disruptive Leadership’

Geoff’s Book Raps
Becoming You - The Key to Becoming a Leader (Derived from On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis)
Act - How to Attract Willing Followers (Derived from ‘The Leadership Challenge’ by Kouzes & Posner)
Leaderslip - The Demise of the Leader and the Rise of the Follower (Derived from ‘The End Of Leadership’ by Barbara Kellerman)