Finding The Perfect Candidate For Your Team – Interview With Kathleen Steffey

By People Leaders | People Leaders Podcast

Finding The Perfect Candidate For Your Team - Interview With Kathleen Steffey

In this podcast, we interviewed Kathleen Steffey, who started her recruiting firm ‘Naviga’ in 2002. Kathleen has nineteen years of experience as a Chief Talent Officer. She joined us on the People Leaders Podcast to share some wisdom on how to go about recruiting talent to expand your team. Even if you are not in a position where you are hiring team members yet, you’d do well to listen in to get some tips that might well be useful if you find yourself on the other side of the recruitment table at some point. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Kathleen became the CEO/Founder of Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search in 2002. She wants to provide an advisory platform to everyone who has difficulty fulfilling their short and long-term goals in the business sector.

  • Not only does she search for outside talent for organisations, but she also ensures a career path is set for people who align with the firm’s long-term goals.

  • A candidate’s behaviour in the recruitment process sets the benchmark for actual performance.

  • As well as the skill set and track record, take notice of professionalism, punctuality, trustworthiness, authenticity and communication skills.

  • It’s the manager’s responsibility to strike the right chord with suitable candidates when hiring. 

  • “You are not your job and your job is not you.” 

  • Your job should not identify you but the motivation and passion you display carves your pathway to success.

  • Key questions that are part of Kathleen’s framework for recruiting talent include: 

    • Were you looking for a position at the time we approached you? (This determines the level of engagement a candidate has in the process)

    • What are you looking to do specifically as the next move in your career? (Ask this before you give them details of the role, otherwise they might shape their answers to fit your specifications)

    • What are your compensation expectations? (Not ‘How much are you making now?’ This can save a lot of wasted time if their expectations are beyond yours)

    • When can you start a new position?  (If you don’t ask this question up front you could waste time if the candidate isn’t available when you need them to be)

    • Does your employer know that you are looking for a new role? (If the current employer does know then it could be a clue that all is not well with the current role)

  • Important leadership qualities that Kathleen is looking for include:

    • A track record of achievement (this is the best predictor of future performance)

    • Innovation

    • Communication skills

    • The ability to inspire

    • The ability to lead remote teams

  • Kathleen gets to practice the skills she is looking for by leading her own team

  • Fun is a predictor of success in high-performing teams

  • Kathleen says have a workout or go for a run before an interview. Accept that it’s ok to be nervous, it tells you that you care (but it’s not necessary to share that you are nervous with the interviewers)

  • Firms are always looking for new talent. Kathleen advises everyone to put themselves out there and behave proactively. 

  • Kathleen also says there is nothing more important than being invested in your self development. It increases motivation and leads candidates to success.

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