Be More Wrong – How This Can Help Your Leadership Interview with Colin Hunter

By People Leaders | People Leaders Podcast

We all experience insecurities at some point in our lives. Some people suffer from insecurities such as social anxiety, nervousness, past traumas, recent experiences of failure or rejection, loneliness, negative beliefs about yourself, perfectionism, and so on. These insecurities can have a huge impact on your life, relationships, personality, and work, among other things. But what if you could use your insecurities to your advantage?

In this episode of The People Leaders Podcast, Colin Hunter joins us to share how we can turn our insecurities into an element of leadership. Colin is the author of the book Be More Wrong: How Failure Makes You an Outstanding Leader, a mentor, entrepreneur, coach, CEO, and a Lead Guide to the business called Potential Squared.

Potential Squared is an international business founded in 2001, that specializes in creating playgrounds to disrupt the way people are led! And they specialize in creating playgrounds to inspire new ways of thinking and habits.

Listen to Colin as he discusses how failure makes an outstanding leader, how to turn your insecurities into your strengths, and how your insecurities are an essential element to leadership.

Episode Highlights:

  • Colin started his career with a massive inferiority complex.
  • Colin's grandfather was a professor of theology, and his dad invented echo for a baby's heart.
  • For the first 30 years of his life, Colin tried to be somebody that his family wanted him to be. It led him to a breakdown at the age of 30, where Colin ended up in tears for two weeks.
  • Colin says our insecurities cost us a lot of energy.
  • Colin has insecurity of nervousness and fear of failing.
  • His insecurities give him power because he doesn't believe he will be successful, and he has nothing to lose.
  • Colin says your insecurities can make you fly.
  • There's a real strength for introverts in virtual meetings. They don't need to be in a group of 20 or more in a room. And still, they can contribute while hiding in a zoom meeting. 
  • Whenever we can create an environment that lessens the threat response, our cognitive functions enhance a massive opportunity for higher-level thinking.
  • Colin says we don't rise to the level or objectives; we fall to the level of our systems.
  • Colin's book Be More Wrong is about how he crafts the system as a leader, the systems of engaged teaming, the systems of energy, the systems of fresh ideas, and the systems of growth. Also, how does Colin bring confidence, conviction and connection to his leadership role.
  • Colin says he has learned in life that all his screw-ups are just small journeys.
  • Through his book, Colin gives the readers a chance to think about their systems, habits, purposeful practice as a leader, and how they grow. 
  • The quietest and the lowest person in the room tends to have some of the best bits of feedback, thoughts, or ideas. 
  • Practice your idea until it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes habitual, and it becomes a part of your system.
  • Leadership should be a simple chat. We make it more complex than it is. It's about connecting with individual teams, having a purpose, and fresh ideas. 
  • Colin says the best ideas come when people are in a safe space with a soft place to land.

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