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High-Performing Team Indicator Debrief Session 

Want even more insights from your High-Performing Team Indicator Assessment?

Get A Personalised Debrief With A Team Expert

Now that you know which dimensions need the most attention of you and your team, you can get us to personally help you:
  • Fully understand the results of your High-Performing Team Indicator
  • Facilitate discussions among team members to share insights, lessons learned, and any ‘hidden messages’ in the assessment results
  • Develop strategies that will deliver the highest impact to your team in the shortest time
  • Identify the resources that will sustainably enhance the performance of your team.
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With a People Leaders' team expert working with you and your team, you get the benefit of their knowledge and experience having worked with hundreds of teams across many industries, sizes and composition. They will be able to tailor the strategies to suit your team's needs.
The debrief process includes:
  • 15- minute pre-session briefing call with team manager/ team leader
  • 90-minute teleconference session with the leader and the full team
  • A summary of your team’s results
  • The purpose and impact of each of the 9 Dimensions of a High-Performing Team
  • Opportunity to engage team members to identify and commit to specific recommendations they want to adopt.
  • Access to the High-Performing Team Indicator Premium Resource Kit
This powerful process, delivered live via teleconference, will increase engagement and inspire your team to move further up the scale of team performance. 
A worthwhile investment of only $750 AUD (plus GST).
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Order Your High-Performing Team Indicator Debrief Session Now

Upon ordering your High-Performing Team Indicator debrief below, you will be taken to our automated booking system where you can find a time to book your 90-minute debrief session. Your debrief facilitator will then contact you directly to arrange the 15-minute pre-session briefing call.

You will also be given immediate access to the High-Performing Team Indicator Premium Resource Kit, via the same login details supplied with your initial report.


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