Vivian Goh Interview – Achieving Financial Wellness And Living Your Best Life

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Vivian Goh Interview - Achieving Financial Wellness And Living Your Best Life

It can be stressful not having control over your money. And sometimes, the idea of taking back control is so daunting it can be hard to know where to even start. 

Luckily, in this episode we cover that and more. 

Vivian Goh, financial wellness coach and founder of Simple Wealth Coaching shares her knowledge and tips for taking responsibility of your finances. 

Her areas of expertise include life coaching, wealth creation, budgeting, protection planning, debt planning, investment, and retirement planning, to name a few! 

Vivian’s mission is to empower people to achieve financial wellness by teaching them how to have a healthy relationship with money. She does this through coaching and workshops and has worked with some of the top tier companies in Australia, so she knows a thing or two. 

Episode Highlights

  • An introduction to Vivian and what she does
  • Eye-opening statistics - 49% of Australians say personal finance is the number one cause of stress
  • What brings in most of Vivian’s clients - a lack of knowledge around dealing with personal finances
  • How Vivian starts to help her clients - clear any assumptions when it comes to money and then look at what they truly value in their lives
  • An example of how Vivian has turned someone’s life around
  • What budgeting really is - a simple money flow
  • Building awareness around your finances
  • The three main pitfalls when people look at budgeting
  • The importance of incorporating what’s happened in the past as well as what’s happening in the here and now
  • An insider tip from Vivian - using an online robo advice company to help you invest
  • Three highest value habits people can do to control their personal finances - figure out what you can and can’t control, check or challenge your assumptions, and journal your thoughts on money and see if there’s a pattern 
  • The components that determine a person’s financial wellbeing according to 2017 research by Professor Elaine Kempson and her team
  • What Vivian is working on right now - working with small businesses on a financial wellness program

“If you think about it, budgeting is really a simple money flow; it’s awareness of how much is coming in and how much is going out. And living your best life has more to do with what you value in your life.” - Vivian Goh #Finance #Wellbeing #Budgeting

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