Covid-19 and Your Financial Wellbeing – Interview with Vivian Goh

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Covid19 Financial Wellbeing

In today's episode, we are graced again by the presence of Vivian Goh as she talks about financial wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vivian is the founder and coach of Simple Wealth Coaching (SWC). She also discusses how you can, step by step, start getting your financial house in order and automating your budget so you can prepare and make sense of the current changes in the economy and the impact on your life.

Episode Highlights:

  • An overview discussion by Vivian of what's happening in our current financial markets and its impact on us.
  • In Australia, we have not actually experienced a recession for over 20 years.
  • "Recession, in terms of the financial markets, happens usually in a cycle - every 7 to 10 years."
  • "Whenever there is growth, there will always be recession."
  • "Recession isn't really a good or bad thing but it is just how the money system goes. It's made up of ups and downs, and we're just experiencing one of the downs."
  • What can we do to get our house in order in terms of our finances?
  • "The people who are riding this wave with resilience are the ones who were already investing in their personal development and growth and are actually doing really well at this time."
  • To get clarity about your financial wellbeing, you list down everything and get clear.
  • Vivian shares some support websites where we can get more information and tools essential to checking our financial well-being
  • Speak to your accountant directly to see if you're qualified for "JobKeeper" or a "JobSeeker” allowance.
  • Vivian shares some key steps on how to get your financial house in order.
    • 1. Know clearly where you are at a financial standpoint. Be very specific.
    • 2. Set a goal for the next 3 months.
    • 3. Employ the necessary resources with clear intention.
  • "It's quite common to find $20,000 of missing money a year."
  • Would Vivian advise working with a financial coach or planner when getting your financials planned out? 
  • "Start investing in yourself."
  • Vivian shares with us her Covid-19 Financial Coaching Package and an overview of this program.
  • "Transform your relationship with money so that money is something that you can really relate to, in a confident way, in a loving way."
  • A recession can be the best time to invest or spend money as often things are cheap
  • “We talk about automating our processes within the team environment, but automating your budget makes absolute sense."

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