Vicki Bryce Interview – Redefining The Role Of The Executive Assistant

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Vicki Bryce Interview – Redefining The Role Of The Executive Assistant People Leaders

When we talk about people leadership, we’re also talking about leading yourself through your career and in areas of influence.

No one knows this better than Vicki Bryce, Engagement Advisor for Melbourne Water. Prior to that, she worked as Office Manager to the Managing Director, a position she held and redefined for four years.

We think there’s a lot to learn from Vicki, when it comes to the role of the Executive Assistants and Office Managers.

In this episode, we chat about the challenges of being an Executive Assistant (EA), transferable skills needed, and how to ensure you deliver your own personal brand as well as the Managing Director’s. 

Episode Highlights:
  • Going from retail to Executive Assistant - transferring her skills to work at ASX level and then for BBDO, the largest marketing company in Australia
  • How to succeed as an Executive Assistant - know what’s happening in the organisation, be involved and be customer and stakeholder-focused
  • Being curious and thirsty for more knowledge of the business world and people in general
  • Being the eyes and ears to the company - the admin and strategic sides of being an EA
  • Benefits for Managing Directors of having an EA who is more strategic
  • Building a trusting relationship with the MD
  • Objectives Vicki puts in her Performance Development Report that she knows are going to enhance her work with the MD
  • Working with other Executive Assistants in the organisation
  • Use your air time well - knowing when to speak up and when to keep it for later
  • Giving feedback on behalf of the Managing Director - remember to deliver your own personal brand as well as the brand of the MD
  • Vicki’s daily activities - ‘temperature check’ across the organisation
  • Being the bridge to the MD
  • Moving into an Engagement Advisor role
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