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Learn how to create a high-performing team, even if you're bogged down in the day-to-day running of your organisation and find people problems hard to solve!

Don't let the complexities of leading your team hold back the growth of your business

People problems in business are notoriously difficult to solve, but they don't have to be...

"Busy" is Not the Problem

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of our economies.

Though SMEs employ more people than any other sector, often they have limited capabilities when it comes to team and leadership development.

Let's face it, everyone, including the leaders, are often too busy "doing the work" to step back and focus on the most critical aspect of the business, the team that keeps the wheels moving. 

"We don't have enough time," is one of the reasons given, and while that may be the truth, often the real reason SMEs don't put more effort into team development is simply because, "We actually don't know what to do!!

We get it! People are complex. They're complicated, especially in groups!

You probably know from experience that even if you are blessed to have a team of highly committed, passionate and competent individuals, that's still no guarantee of success.

In fact it can often make things harder, because it becomes more difficult to identify "the problem" when you have what seems to be a cohesive group.

And if you don't have a cohesive group, then you end up getting distracted implementing tactical solutions, trying to "manage" situations, rather than implement strategies and long-term growth plans.

Busy office
Serious office discussion

What's the Stone in Your Shoe?

The end result is a never-ending stream of people problems that keep you up at night and prevent you from doing the work you love the most and that, theoretically, should move the needle most in your business.

Just when you think you have the team running smoothly, a curveball blindsides you and you have to shift your focus off your genius zone and back into fixing even more people problems.

Unexpected leave applications, resignations, bullying complaints, delegation issues—even though you think your instructions are clear, the execution doesn't match your expectations—pay rise requests, missed deadlines, performance management issues, client complaints... the list is endless.

Sound familiar? The bad news is, you are not alonePeople problems are the stone in the shoe for the vast majority of small to medium business owners and leaders. 

"Team Building" is Not the Solution

What won't fix the situation is a feel-good "team building event."

Rock climbing or going on an excursion might raise endorphin levels for a short time, but they aren't likely to deliver long-term improvements in your team's performance.

That's because team bonding is a tactical response to a problem that needs a more strategic approach...

Take a Quantum Leap with Your Team

Hands down, the single most effective, most powerful solution for any leader facing people problems is to develop a more thorough understanding of what really makes people tick, including themselves. 

Understanding human behaviour elevates you beyond the realm of having to react to people problems with tactical solutions, to creating a team grounded in Deep Leadership™️, a team that solves 90% of their people problems themselves, before they even reach you!

And no, this doesn't require months or years of study and experimentation to master.

In fact the good news is, you can take a quantum leap in understanding yourself and the people on your team, and establishing the foundations of Deep Leadership™️ within just a few short hours...

If you're looking to take your team's performance to new heights, enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity within your organisation, we've got you covered!


Introducing "Unleashing Team Excellence"

A Half-Day Workshop for Small to Medium Business Owners and Leaders

Available Online or In Person

At People Leaders, we understand that building a high-performing team is crucial for achieving sustainable success. That's why we've designed a dynamic and interactive workshop to empower you with the knowledge and tools to create exceptional teams.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To

Unleashing Team Excellence is a powerful experience for small to medium business owners and their leadership teams. Catering to the unique challenges SMEs face, we'll deliver cutting-edge strategies that give you a practical understanding of the Deep Leadership™️ framework and how to embed it in your organisation. 

Transform Your Leadership

Gain valuable insights into your own leadership style and learn how to adapt it for optimal team performance.

You'll learn how to foster Deep Leadership™️ in your organisation and make the transition from management to leadership

Enhance Communication

Discover how different personality types affect communication within your team and develop strategies to bridge gaps.

You'll go beyond the usual superficial "listening skills" and learn how to read between the lines and understand what's really being said.

Resolve Conflict

Learn effective conflict resolution techniques that harness the strengths of each team member and empower team members to address potential issues before they even arise.

Boost Productivity

Equip yourself and your team with the skills to maximise team efficiency and productivity.

Discover why productivity hacks always hit an invisible ceiling and can only go as far as the team effectiveness will allow them to.

Achieve Results

Create a team action plan that will help you achieve or exceed your business goals.

You'll learn how to literally get your team "on the same page" so everyone is working towards a common goal, rather than serving their own agendas. 

Your Facilitator - Jan Terkelsen

MBTI Specialist, Master Facilitator, Leadership Coach and High-Performing Team Facilitator

I support people and teams to create high-performing habits. I have been an executive coach, consultant and facilitator in corporate Australia and internationally for more than 25 years and I understand what it takes to create sustainable change in one’s life, personally and professionally.

As a highly-experienced personality profiler and behavioural change specialist, I have a deep interest and track record in helping organisations to bring out the best in their people. I can't wait to work with you and to explore what's possible for your organisation!

People Leaders in Action

Watch this brief video to see us in action and to hear from some of our previous program participants.

Happy customers

Andrew Morrison

Business Development Manager (Client Partner)

I haven’t met anyone better!

If you ever need someone to trust, develop your ideas, help implement your plans or simply discuss your ambitions for your business or personal goals, I haven’t met anyone better!

Peter Forrester

PMO Manager, IT Services

The results in all cases have been very positive

I have attended several team building day-long seminars run by Jan. The results in all cases have been very positive, due in no small part to Jan’s expertise, enthusiasm and engaging presentation style.

Melbourne Water

Women's Career Group Coaching Session

Now I have clear direction as to what I need to do

Now I have clear direction as to what I need to do, I have some goals that align with my specific needs as a young professional that are realistic and measurable.

Program Content

Unleashing Team Excellence can be delivered in person or online, at one of our publicly scheduled events or as a private program for your organisation.


Session 1: Understanding Personality and Team Dynamics Through the Lens of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

Using one of the most widely-known yet highly underrated personality profiling tools in the market, we'll help you develop a deeper understanding of what makes us tick, why we do things the way we do, and how to leverage the strengths of each profile to maximise team performance.

You'll develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others through this group debrief of the individual MBTI profile types. Even if you've had an MBTI debrief before, we promise that this lively session will deliver insights that change the way you view yourself and your team

You'll also learn how the whole can be greater than the sum of it's parts

Even the most well meaning and professionally competent teams often fall short of their potential, not because of lack of effort, but because of lack of understanding of team dynamics. No matter what the current level of cooperation of your team, this session will show you how you can get your team working like a well-oiled machine

  • Overview of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Explanation of the Four Dichotomies (E/I, S/N, T/F, J/P)
  • How MBTI Can Benefit Team Dynamics
  • Interpretation of Individual MBTI Types
  • Self-Reflection and Discussion on Individual Types
  • Recognising Strengths and Potential Blind Spots
  • Introduction to Team Dynamics and Diversity
  • Exploring How Different MBTI Types Interact
  • MBTI Team Role Exercise
  • Debrief and Discussion on Team Role Preferences

Session 2: Effective Communication

"Better communication" is often touted as the solution to most people problems in business, but few people have a grasp of what effective communication actually means, beyond thinking, "If everyone just listened to me..."

Looking at communication through the lens of MBTI personality types, this session will be packed with a steady stream of AHA moments that will leave you excited to try out your new skills in real-world situations. 

  • Importance of Effective Communication in Teams
  • Listening Like a Leader
  • Asking Questions that Advance a Conversation
  • Authentic Acknowledgement 
  • Role-Play Exercise: Improving Communication

Session 3: Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

If you're sick of walking on eggshells and mediating personality disputes in your organisation, this is the session for you. 

You'll learn how to step beyond the petty details and recognise the real causes of conflict so you can resolve them at their source (Hint: 90% of the time is due to misunderstandings).

Better yet, by understanding the principles of Deep Leadership™️, you'll discover how you can empower your team to resolve or even prevent conflict arising in the first place. 

  • Recognising Common Sources of Team Conflict
  • Strategies for Resolving Conflict Using MBTI Insights
  • Simulated Conflict Resolution Exercise
  • Discussion on Collaborative Problem Solving

Join Us and Take the Next Step Toward Building Your Dream Team!

Unlock the potential of your team and elevate your leadership skills. Register your interest today for "Unleashing Team Excellence" and embark on a journey to create a high-performing team that drives your business to new heights.

What makes People Leaders different?

As a boutique consultancy and training company, we've worked with and understand organisations of all types and all sizes. 

We specialise in helping leaders and their teams understand the true power of the MBTI and we love bringing the power of this tool to small and medium organisations, which represent the engine room of most economies.

Our facilitators are also the content creators, meaning we're invested in the success of our programs, rather than just acting as a medium for the knowledge to pass through.

Choose Your Format

Unleashing Team Excellence can be delivered in person or online, at one of our publicly scheduled events or as an exclusive workshop for your organisation.

If you are attending one of our publicly scheduled events, we recommend attending with your leadership team to get the best value from the program.  

Exclusive workshops can also be tailored to include non-leadership personnel.

Register your interest in one of our publicly scheduled events below or enquire now to discuss details for an exclusive program (email or phone Jan Terkelsen at jan@peopleleaders.com.au or Ph +61 425 795 938).

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Here’s what people are saying about Jan Terkelsen

Department of Justice NSW Logo

Aldo Loprete

Registrar, Department of Justice

Her presentation and interaction skills were admirable and authentic.

Jan presented to me and my senior manager colleagues. Her presentation and interaction skills were admirable and authentic.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jan in leading a group, such as she did and engendering ideas and tips on self and team performance. Discussions with my colleagues after Jan’s presentation confirmed my endorsements."

Shaun Begley

Senior Advisor, Inside Infastructure

Professional, kind, honest, skillful.

Sincere advice, directed to the core. I was fortunate to meet Jan (& Michelle) when they did a leadership upliftment initiative for the organisation I as working with.

They started off getting people to understand their own personalities and styles, then showed how these could frustrate or enable professional / personal interactions.

Jan was always attentive with listening and sincere with feedback. Sometimes asking difficult questions to push the boundary of one’s understanding / learning.

She developed easy to use processes and task lists, which were instrumental in getting the cultural shift the organisation was looking of. Professional, kind, honest, skillful.

Westpac Logo

Stephen Witten

Head of Distribution Operations, Westpac

The tools and learnings Jan gave me are brilliantly simple and cunningly clever.

I had never experienced something aimed completely at me that was so focussed, honest and fair, that got to the essence of what I was, in terms of both skills and behaviour, and where I was at. The tools and learnings Jan gave me are brilliantly simple and cunningly clever and have equipped me to develop and grow in a far more complete, satisfying and professionally successful way.


Can you Come to our place of work or our team events?

Yes! We'd love to. We can do exclusive internal events for your leadership team only, or you can include your wider team of frontline workers as well, and we'll cater the content accordingly. 

We can also expand the content to provide a full-day program, or even work with you over multiple days.

Just reach out to Jan Terkelsen, jan@peopleleaders.com.au or phone +61 425 795 938 to find out more.

Some of our people have done the mbti already, is it still worth their while doing your workshop? 

Definitely! The MBTI as means to an end, rather than in itself, so think of it as a framework for content, rather than the content itself.

There is an incredible amount of depth to the MBTI, so the chances that someone knows all they can know about how it can be put to use are pretty much zero. We're still learning after 25+ years ourselves!

We've even had clients repeat our workshops and they say they picked up something new each time.

Can we really solve all our people problems in one workshop? 

No, and that's not our promise to you. What we can promise is a series of "Aha's" and insights that you will be able to put to use immediately, and that will start a cascade of further insights that you'll be able to put to use in real time.  

If you think of the Pareto Principle, where 80% of the results come from 20% of the inputs, the content in our Team Excellence Workshops fall fairly and squarely in the 20% high-impact zone.

My Personal Promise

Hi. I just wanted to finish off with my personal promise to you that Unleashing Team Excellence will be four hours of serious fun!!

People problems can be a big drain on business owners and leaders, but few things come close to the satisfaction of creating a high-performing team and seeing that team reach their full potential, individually and collectively.

So we're going to cover some serious topics, but we're going to have fun along the way. I hope you can join me and that you bring your leadership team along for the ride. 🎉 

Jan Terkelsen