Leading Together with Susan Basterfield and Travis Marsh

By People Leaders | People Leaders Podcast

Leading Together with Susan Basterfield and Travis Marsh

We absolutely love it when people take a deep dive into the art of leadership. Susan Basterfield and Travis Marsh have certainly done that as co-authors of an inspiring new book called ‘Lead Together’. They’ve done some extensive research into many aspects of leadership, most notably the transformative power of ‘empathetic leadership’, and why leadership climates fail.

Susan and Travis have over 50 years’ worth of coaching experience between them. They have an excellent track record of building collaborative cultures and helping organisations scale. The book is a really great read, and the conversation we have about it is packed full of brilliant hints & tips that any leader could benefit from.

Episode Highlights:

  • The 6 necessary roles of leaders
  • Psychological safety
  • What ‘empathetic leadership’ really means
  • What you can do differently as a leader
  • The importance of “checking in” at the start of a meeting
  • How to treat feedback so it is always constructive
  • The ‘communications operator’ explained
  • The importance of spreading decision making
  • Why leaders have to buy in to change, whatever the structure
  • Top tips on how to influence
  • How to build trust in an organisation
  • When it’s time for an unco-operative leader to go
  • How to reconcile being ‘a visionary’ with being an effective leader
  • Why being a ‘good company’ is not simply about growth

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