Service – The Fifth Dimension of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool

By PeopleLeaders | High Performing Team Assessment Tool

Service - The Fifth Dimension of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool People Leaders

In this episode, Jan and Michelle talk about the relationship teams have with clients and stakeholders. A “stakeholder” is anyone who has something to gain or lose as a result of your efforts, so it’s important to be clear on who they are, how your team’s work affects them, and how to maintain expectations. Jan and Michelle weigh in on how service relationships need to involve two-way communication, clear understanding, and more organized team approaches.

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Episode Highlights

  • Being clear about stakeholders: Why it is important for managers and team members to agree about who their work affects.

  • Know their expectations: How would members rate the team, what do they want to see, and what works?

  • Clear criteria: How to judge on quality, timeliness, trust, and consistency.

  • Client and stakeholder feedback: How constructive feedback is a two-way street...

  • Service litmus test: Is communication clear even when there’s not a problem?

  • Plan for success: Why it is vital to have a clear approach for client interaction, knowing how to communicate, and what’s important to them.

  • Clarity is key: How to be crystal on who stakeholders are and how to do your best for them.

Service relationships need to involve two-way communication

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