Sandra Hannah Interview – High-Performing Team Indicator Review

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Sandra Hannah Interview – High-Performing Team Indicator Review PL

Recently we chatted with Sandra Hannah on the People Leaders Podcast. Sandra is a customer operations manager at City West Water and a participant in a 9-month leadership program we ran in 2018.

Sandra used our High-Performing Team Indicator (HPTI) with her team and told us, “I used the High-Performing Team tool because I wanted to find out exactly how my team felt. You can question your team, but there are some people who sit back and don’t say anything but really want to.

“Quieter team members sometimes have the best suggestions but they don’t want to put themselves forward in team meetings, so the High-Performing Team Assessment Tool is great for them as individuals.”

Sandra also shared that the results of the tool stimulated valuable discussion amongst the team members. She said that hearing each other’s point of view gave them a better understanding of they dynamic of the team. The discussion was so productive that their one hour team debrief turned into a two hour session.

“The High-Performing Team Assessment Tool was set out well and was easy for people to follow. People have different learning styles, but everybody was able to participate and give their own opinion.”

You can hear Sandra discuss more on the People Leaders podcast here.

And if you want to find out what your team really thinks, you access our new online version of the High-Performing Team Indicator tool here.

Episode Highlights:
  • What attracted Sandra to the High-Performing Team Indicator - it gave her and everybody on her team the opportunity to express their thoughts on what needed to be changed

  • How Sandra administered the tool

  • Insights Sandra gained from her team after the assessment - two teams that stood out

  • Using the tool to focus discussion as a team to move forward

  • What Sandra liked about the tool - easy for people to follow and split into good sections

  • Why the tool is especially useful for the quieter members of the team

  • Sandra’s advice for other people leaders using the tool

  • How Sandra would feel about being rated by her team

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“The High-Performing Team Indicator Tool really gives you an insight into certain members of your team, which then helps in the coaching.” - Sandra Hannah #PeopleLeaders #Team #Leadership

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