Process – The Fourth Dimension of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool

By PeopleLeaders | High Performing Team Assessment Tool

In this episode, Michelle and Jan discuss the importance of internal processes and procedures which successful teams follow. By having clear and organised actions planned for regular and unexpected situations, attaining goals and solving problems can actually be simple and easy.

Setting expectations also sets teams up for success, and keeping everyone in the loop on procedures can prevent and solve future conflicts. Jan and Michelle then help us understand how processes for handling meetings, decisions, conflicts, and obstacles benefit everyone on all levels of a team.

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Episode Highlights

  • What is the purpose? How to give clarity on what you’re getting out of a procedure
  • On the same page: How to make sure policies and procedures are clearly articulated and understood
  • Focus on the future: Why the best meetings look forward
  • Plan for how to make decisions: Why it is important to have a process for both easy and difficult choices...
  • Top 10 strategies for dealing with conflict: How to implement processes for handling in-team battles
  • Productive meetings: How to keep everyone involved in the agenda while getting things done
  • Feedback after meetings: Ways to ensure that team members can evaluate the success of meetings
  • Taking one for the team: How to get things done when one person is absent

Clear expectations set teams up for success

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