An overview of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool

By PeopleLeaders | People Leaders Podcast

The 8 dimensions of the high performing team assessment tool are...

In this podcast series Michelle and Jan share stories, insights and practical examples of what it takes to create and lead a High Performing team. In a lively discussion format they present an overview of their High Performing Team assessment. They systematically work through the 8 key dimensions to provide you with a clear understanding of how to build an engaged team.

These dimensions are:

  1. Direction

  2. Interactions

  3. Accountability

  4. Process

  5. Service

  6. Growth

  7. Flow

  8. Renewal

If you are a Leader of a team, this podcast is for you, you will walk away with at least 1 practical strategy that you can implement with your team, that doesn’t cost money just some focused attention.

Listen to the podcast here or continue reading below. 

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In this episode:

  • Jan and Michelle explain the eight facets of a high performing team
  • Why it is important for teams to have set processes to follow
  • Why accountability is important
  • How interpersonal relationships can affect the performance of a team
  • How different teams in the same organisation respond to customers or stakeholders
  • How colleagues and different teams in the same organisation can improve their communication with one another
  • Why the ability to face stress and build resilience is an important skill

How Can You Increase Accountability In Your Team?

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