Using Algorithms for Better Recruitment, with Michael Yinger

By People Leaders | People Leaders Podcast

Recruitment is one of the biggest headaches in business, but it really doesn’t need to be. We speak to CEO and co-founder of Resume Sieve, Michael Yinger, about how you can automate the recruitment process and get really clever with the algorithms. 

Once you’ve got the right tools, as Michael says, you can “take the drudgery out of the recruitment process.” What’s more, the very same thinking can help you manage people once you’ve hired them, and you can even avoid the hardest bits of the recruitment process altogether by hiring from within. 

Michael has some very impressive corporate experience, way beyond the realm of recruitment, so he really understands what busy leaders need in order to recruit and manage effectively. You’ll be amazed at the sophistication of the systems he has helped pioneer.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to automate the recruitment process
  • Do we still need CVs?
  • Different approaches to recruitment for small and large organisations
  • How to fill a job from within instead of going outside
  • The “post-COVID tsunami” in recruitment
  • How technology can help you understand introverts
  • How to deconstruct CVs so a system can read them for you
  • How to use a system to take the drudgery out of finding candidates
  • How to work around the biases that managers/recruiters might have
  • Managing through coaching rather than managing with direction
  • How to measure employee performance with similar measures to recruitment
  • When there can be too many direct reports
  • The importance of double confirmation in management feedback

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