Matt Johnson Interview – How To Build Your Personal Brand And Become An Authority In Your Space

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Do you write your own story? Do you build your own personal brand?

In any environment, you need to take responsibility for your career, how you want to be, the reputation you want to be known for, because if you don’t determine it, other people will do it for you.

In this episode, we’re chatting to someone who helps leaders do exactly that: Matt Johnson.

Matt is a marketer, speaker and founder of San Diego-based PR and production agency, Pursuing Results. He runs a virtual team to share his core thoughts on leadership with people around the world.

He’s also the host of the MicroFamous Podcast that aims to help people use podcasting as the new networking tool to become micro-famous in their fields, and has a book on the same concept being published soon. 

Episode highlights:

  • Who Matt is and what he does
  • The importance of writing your own story and your own personal brand - if you don’t others will do it for you
  • Your personal brand might be determined by others based on interactions outside the office or on social media etc.
  • Matt on being introduced as ‘the podcast guy’ and having to reset his personal brand
  • Positioning himself as an authority
  • The type of information to share to position yourself as an authority: what you know, what you’re learning and what you’re doing
  • How Matt knew he was heading in the right direction - the level of engagement and how he felt when he got on the phone with clients
  • How introverts can become a thought leader in their space - use podcasts to get yourself out there
  • Leadership is driven by three things: personal performance, systems and people
  • Why you can’t rely on rockstar people to build a rockstar business
  • A system takes more effort today but it makes tomorrow easier
  • Running a virtual team and the importance of consistent communication and weekly meetings
  • A business book that Matt swears by: “General and Industrial Management” by Henri Fayol
  • What Matt and his team talk about in their weekly team meetings
  • Holding people accountable to their performance goals as a leader
  • Skills every leader needs to successfully manage a virtual team
  • Projects Matt is working on now: the re-launch of his podcast and the publication of his book based around becoming micro famous
  • Free training on Pursuing Results
  • How Matt looks after himself - he doesn’t schedule anything in the afternoon

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The leader that is most effective is the one who’s most on a mission themselves and then gets other people to believe in it. - Matt Johnson #PeopleLeaders #Authority #Leadership

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