Love Them or Lose Them with Beverly Kaye

By People Leaders | People Leaders Podcast

What a pleasure it was to speak to a genuine thought leader on the latest People Leaders podcast. Beverly Kaye is an internationally renowned expert in career development, employee engagement and employee retention. She’s written multiple books (the last one sold over 800,000 copies) and, just for good measure, she has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Talent Development, and a Thought Leader Award from the Association of Learning Providers.

As Beverly says herself, “people don’t leave organisations, they leave managers”, so we picked her brains on what you can do as a manager/leader to empower your employees to achieve the best possible results and stay onboard once they do. 

Beverly prides herself on giving simple, actionable advice, and this conversation is a great example of that. Get ready to take some notes… there’s some absolute gold in this one!

Episode Highlights:

  • The basics of job retention
  • What a manager needs to know, from A - Z
  • Why managers should include the team when they come up with solutions
  • The three pillars of good management
  • The importance of meaningful conversations with your employees
  • Why CEOs should be using the word ‘love’
  • How to help your team find purpose
  • How employees can learn to love their work
  • The power of the question, “How are you doing?”
  • How a leader can show that they care
  • How easy it can be for team members to exchange duties to play better to the strengths of individuals
  • The power of ‘stay interviews’
  • The value of non-monetary incentives
  • "Recognise, verbalise, mobilise”

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