Become The Leader In Your Own Life

A powerful self development course that will refocus, recharge and set you up to design the life you really want to live.

Program enrolments close on August 21st 2020 
(Program starts August 21st)


Put an end to a stress-filled life and start saying YES to a life of purpose, pride, passion and peace.

Life’s too short to spend constantly going from one stressful situation to another, surviving instead of thriving.

Too many of us are spending our days ‘coping and hoping’. Coping with the circumstances that life throws at us, and hoping things will get better. Sometimes they do get better but more often they don’t.

We see too many people reverting to ‘tactics’ like people pleasing, perfectionism, distracting themselves with social media, over eating, over drinking, over exercising (yes that’s a thing!), ‘busy-ness’, codependency and even procrastination to manipulate their circumstances in an elusive search for happiness.

The result is a life experience of occasional bouts of happiness, interrupted by chronic exhaustion, confused decision making, continuous frustration and disappointment, a perpetual state of overwhelm, and an ever-present low level of anxiety that keeps us on edge.

We say enough is enough!

A life in constant ‘fight or flight mode’ is no way to live.

Rather than attempting to manipulate circumstances, which are often beyond our control, we’ve learned that a far more effective approach is to become the leader in your own life rather than the follower in someone else’s.

Becoming the leader in your own life means understanding that your thinking, your habits, your routines and your reactions to your circumstances are going to have a far greater impact on your life than the circumstances themselves.

These are the self-leadership principles we’ve been teaching to business leaders and their teams for the past 20 years.

Self leadership is not about what you do, or how you do it, it’s about who you are and who you choose to be.

This is the fastest path to a life where you can take full ‘response-ability’ for your own sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Do Any Of These Traits Sound Like You?

Don’t worry. No one is keeping score here and no one is judging your answers to these questions. We’ve got solutions for you but first you need to identify the problem(s)...

  • I often feel exhausted and drained (and not just at the end of the day)
  • I have a constant feeling that there should be more to life, that I’ve got more to give, but I just don’t know what that is. I lack a sense of purpose.
  • I have trouble changing habits and often fall back on those that don’t serve me or the people I care about
  • I find it difficult to maintain a balance between work (or other commitments) and home
  • I’m often preoccupied with work and have trouble being emotionally available or present to my loved ones
  • I lack confidence, not because I’m not competent, but because I worry about what others might think of me
  • I feel frustrated and sometimes embarrassed at my reactions (including anger) to stressful situations
  • I’m a ‘people pleaser’ and often end up resenting those that I help at the expense of my own fulfillment
  • I feel undervalued in one or more areas of my life
  • I have trouble managing conflict and sometimes make things worse
  • I make poor health choices then beat up on myself for making them
  • I have great ideas for my life and ambitious goals but I rarely follow through on them
  • I’m a perfectionist in some areas of my life but, if I’m honest with myself, it’s not in the areas that matter most
  • I sometimes have trouble communicating or understanding others, to the extent that it affects relationships
  • My self-talk isn’t very positive and I often judge myself harshly
  • I often compare myself to others and measure my self worth based on their accomplishments instead of my own
  • I often feel overwhelmed with so much to do then procrastinate and get so little of it done
  • I frequently have intuitive ‘hits’ but lack the trust to act on them and almost always regret it later
  • [Insert your chronic ‘toleration’ statement here]

None of these are signs of weakness or poor character! None of these make you a ‘bad person’.

All of them are signs of a personal ‘self-leadership crisis’. And you are not alone. It’s a crisis that has reached epidemic proportions right now. And it’s not surprising because so few of us are actually taught fundamental self-leadership skills, especially when it comes to handling the pressures of modern living.

It’s ok though, we’ve got your back...

Introducing the Life Essentials Pilot Program

Life Essentials is your ticket off the hamster wheel of frustration, exhaustion, procrastination and disappointment. In just six short weeks you’ll learn the essential skills to MASTER YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES INSTEAD OF BEING AT THEIR MERCY. Delivered entirely online, we’ll share our carefully crafted packages of content, backed up by live group coaching to help you integrate the skills and put them into action over the course of the program.

Enrol now in the Life Essentials Pilot Program and save over 50% 

Here’s What’s In Store For You When You Embrace The Principles Of Life Essentials

We’ve been teaching leadership skills to corporate, government, semi-government and small businesses for over 20 years. Now we’re bringing our proven principles, tools and frameworks ‘to the people’ so we can put the current self-leadership crisis to bed.

On the People Leaders Life Essentials 6-Week Pilot Program you will:

  • Become a purposeful ‘self leader’ at work and at home
  • Develop the self-confidence that you’ve admired in others but failed to see in yourself (until now :-)
  • Create sustainable routines, rhythms and habits that support you and those around you
  • Develop a better understanding of yourself and others
  • Release habits and patterns that hold you back and prevent you from realising your full potential
  • Learn how to manage and release stress in real time to keep you at the top of your game
  • Become more self aware and present to your own needs and your responses to circumstances
  • Develop the resilience you need to withstand the challenging times in your life
  • Become a clear, concise and confident communicator
  • Learn why true leaders put themselves first to truly be of service to others
  • Understand why baby steps are actually giant strides in your personal-development journey
  • Discover why ‘balance’ is in your hands and not at the mercy of circumstances or people around you
  • Learn how to maintain a regular exercise regime (without relying on discipline and willpower to get you there)
  • Make health choices that support a vibrant, energetic and alert body
  • Learn how to switch off from work and become emotionally available and fully present to your loved ones
  • Let go of perfectionism without having to sacrifice your standards
  • Learn how to trust your intuition and back yourself in the choices that you make
  • Become a quiet achiever and kick procrastination to the kerb
  • Learn how to manage conflict confidently while strengthening personal relationships
  • Master the art of spending time on the things that matter so you feel fulfilled and proud of your accomplishments

While that seems like a big promise, we know it’s one we can live up to because self leadership is based on simple principles rather than willpower and determination. Once you understand those principles and put them into practice, you’ll live a life that you control rather than a life that controls you.

Feedback about Jan and Michelle Terkelsen

Jetstar Testimonial

Lisa Burquest

Executive Manager People & Communications

Michelle has worked with many teams and individuals across our organisation with great impact and effect.

She has a very personable style which allows her to cut through to issues with participants and her expertise allows pragmatic solutions to be brought to problems.

Mark Bunn

Health, Happiness & Performance Speaker

Working with Jan was an absolute blast.

I was speaking at an event for one of her clients. Thanks to her amazing rapport with the group and brilliant facilitation the group were really primed and great fun to work with. Whenever Jan's name came up within the group the feedback was incredible. Professional, positive and a delight to work with. Thanks Jan and look forward to working with you again some time.

Melbourne Water

Michelle Riley

Manager, Wholesale Services

Michelle worked with me to prepare an effective program/coaching for the women in wholesale services. Her follow up and innovative approach to responding to my needs was outstanding.

Her ability to connect and relate to the coachees was exceptional. I received exceptional feedback on the sessions which was a credit to Michelle’s facilitation and planning

Your Life Essentials Pilot Program Looks Like This...

Life Essentials is delivered entirely online, from the comfort of your own home (and even in your pyjamas if that’s what you prefer :-)).

You’ll get access to a new self-development module each week, followed by a live group coaching call with us to help you integrate the know-how and to share your wins.

Introduction - The Fundamentals of Self Leadership

As soon as you sign up you’ll get immediate access to our pre-recorded Life Essentials Prep Session, where we’ll guide you through what’s in store for you in the weeks ahead.

We’ll also give you the rundown of our Self-Leadership Model, where we explain why what you do, and how you do it, are secondary to who you are and who you choose to be. This is the framework that will set you up for success in all areas of your life.


Module 1 - Values and Beliefs

Our values and beliefs drive our behaviours and determine our results, yet few of us actually know what our values or beliefs are. We develop them early in life, often as coping mechanisms, and they run on autopilot in the background.

In this module we’ll use proven tools to reveal your core values and beliefs and put you back in control of your life. It will also set you up to get a clearer sense of purpose and knowing what you want, which you’ll need for the goal-setting lesson in Module 4.


Module 2 - Self Awareness and Understanding Others

For change to happen you first need to understand ‘what makes you tick’. Even more powerful is when you understand what makes others tick.

In this module you’ll learn the fundamentals of ‘personality type’ and learn how you can develop your emotional intelligence so you can rise to any occasion.


Module 3 - Wellbeing and Resilience

A healthy mind, body and spirit are critical to performing in the world and coping with the circumstances of life. Most of us know what healthy choices look like but few of us know how to make them.

In this module, we’ll show you techniques you can use to bring awareness to your choices and to make choices that strengthen your health and mental resilience, without having to rely on willpower, determination, or even denial.


Module 4 - Habits and Goal Setting

The biggest factors that determine your success or otherwise in your life are your habits. 90% of the actions we take each day are habitual so in order to experience any significant change, you must change your habits. 

We’ll show you how you can establish life-affirming habits with ease and grace, and set you up to set and accomplish goals that have seemed way beyond your reach until now.


Module 5 - Communication and Coaching

Our ability to communicate is what sets humans apart from other species. It can also set us up for complications, conflicts and problems that other species couldn’t even begin to imagine!

We’ll share some simple frameworks that you can use to communicate effectively and to manage conflict ‘elegantly’ in all areas of life. We’ll also set you up to become an effective ‘coach’ to help yourself and others manage difficult situations.


Module 6 - Managing Stress, Developing Mindfulness, and More on Resilience

Stress isn’t a result of what happens to you, it’s a result of your reaction to what happens to you. The ability to respond instead of reacting is what sets the cool, calm and collected types apart from the rest.

We’ll show you some techniques and help you develop your self awareness so you can be cool, calm and collected, even in the most challenging situations. Plus, you can never have too much resilience, so we’ll show you how you can dial that up even more.


Additional support to help you on your Life Essentials Journey

We’re committed to your transformation so are adding these bonuses to your Life Essentials Pilot Program.

Bonus 1
Life Essentials Private Community

We know from experience that program participants who share wins and challenges throughout the program achieve higher rates of success. That’s why we’re including access to our exclusive private Facebook community where you can get the support of others, and provide your own support to others throughout the program and beyond.

Bonus 2
Life Essentials Playbook

We’ll make note taking and record keeping easy for you. Each Life Essentials module includes a printable pdf hand out that you can use to keep a record of your notes as the program progresses.

Bonus 3
Your Personal Vision Statement Blueprint

With this bonus (delivered after Module 4) you'll be able to craft a vision statement that will give you a lasting sense of purpose and and guide you on your day-today behaviours for years to come. 

About Michelle and Jan Terkelsen

Michelle and Jan Terkelsen have been working with and coaching leaders for more than 20 years each.

Both have completed their MBAs (Macquarie University and Australian Institute of Business) and are accredited coaches with the International Coach Federation (ICF). They are also accredited MBTI, LSI and OCI facilitators.

They are the creators of the Leadership Essentials Program, and the People Leaders' Deep-Leadership and Self-Leaderhip Models, and the hosts of the People Leaders Podcast.

With five children between them, a successful inter-state business, and a shared passion for yoga (among other things), they have mastered the art of 'balance' in more ways than one.

They have developed bespoke leadership, change-management and coaching programs for organisations such as Westpac Bank, Jetstar, BUPA, Salesforce, Origin Energy, NSW Department of Justice, Challenger, First National Real Estate, City West Water, CPC, Melbourne Water, LUCRF, Public Transport Victoria, Perpetual, Broadspectrum and more.

More feedback about Jan and Michelle Terkelsen

Westpac Logo

Stephen Witten

Head of Distribution Operations

I had never experienced something aimed completely at me that was so focussed, honest and fair, that got to the essence of what I was, in terms of both skills and behaviour, and where I was at.

The tools and learnings Jan gave me are brilliantly simple and cunningly clever and have equipped me to develop and grow in a far more complete, satisfying and professionally successful way.

Origin Energy People Leaders

Natalie Davey

National Manager

Michelle – Just wanted to thank you for providing me with the tools to make my planning day with the team a success.

We got a lot out of the day, learning about one another and having very open discussions. Not an easy task to facilitate a 2 day leadership offsite with 5 very strong women at the table! But Michelle did it with ease. She kept us on track, honest, challenged us where we needed it and inspired us to go forth and do great things!! I walked out of there 10 feet tall and ready to conquer all! Thanks Michelle.

Acrew Woods Testimonial

Gemma Lavelle

General Manager

We have used Jan within our Child Care business to support the management and training of staff from Management all the way down the line!

Jan has spent time at our centres getting to know who we are and how we work! Her assistance with Conflict Management training has progressed to on-call coaching for centre directors and management! Jan has also done Leadership training with us. I look forward to a long working relationship with Jan!

Stop Wasting Time, Money And Effort Addressing Symptoms When You Can Get To The Root Cause

Chances are you’ve tried to ‘fix’ some of your problems before….

Maybe you’ve tried ‘stress-management techniques’ that you just weren’t able to sustain. Perhaps you’ve tried to ‘manage time’ using one of the plethora of time-management programs out there. You’ve possibly read all the relationship books you can get your hands on but still find yourself butting heads over simple issues that don’t really matter. Anger management perhaps? And have you given affirmations a go to help improve your self talk? Tried every eating plan under the sun to conquer your addiction of choice?

All of these approaches are valid and they can all have an impact so don’t think you’ve done yourself wrong if you tick any of these boxes. But without a backdrop of self leadership, all of these tactics are doomed to fail, or give temporary results at best.

If you add up all the time, money and effort you’ve spent on such fixes over the years you’ll probably feel even worse so we aren’t going to get you to do that :-)

But what we are inviting you to do, is to consider spending JUST A FEW HOURS OVER SIX SHORT WEEKS, AND LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A NICE OUTFIT, on laying the foundation for some skills that will SET YOU UP FOR LIFE, LITERALLY.

Join us on the Life Essentials Pilot Program with our never-to-be-repeated pilot program pricing and become the change you want to see in the world.

“Become the change you want to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

Start Your Self Leadership Journey Now

Because this is the first time we're running the Life Essentials program, and because we want you to help us shape future versions of the program, you can benefit from our generous introductory pilot program pricing of over 50% off. This is a one-time offer that closes on August 21st 2020 (Program starts August 21st).


Become the leader in your own life


297 147*

  • 6 Video-based Training Modules
  • 6 Weeks Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access
  • Life Essentials Private Facebook Community
  • Life Essentials Playbook

*Prices are in Australian Dollars ($AU147 is approximately $US105 :-))
Please register and pay for each person individually. If you would like to register a group of five or more please contact us with the details and we can send an invoice to make a single payment.


Become the leader in your own life


160 80

  • 6 Video-based Training Modules
  • 6 Weeks Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access
  • Life Essentials Private Facebook Community
  • Life Essentials Playbook

Course Enrolments close on August 21st 2020 
(Program starts August 21)


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

You can join Life Essentials at absolutely no risk to you. If, after the first two weeks of the program, you don't think we're delivering on our promise, just let us know and we'll refund your payment in full. 

That's a reflection of our confidence that you will start seeing results from day one. We've proved these principles before and know that they will work for you too.

Feedback about Leadership Essentials

Life Essentials is based on the same principles as our highly-successful Leadership Essentials program. Instead of being focused on professional development, it’s focused on personal development. Here’s some feedback from Leadership Essentials participants…


Steffan O’Mara

Passig Engineering Manager ENGV Pty Ltd 

The Leadership Essentials course has had a profound effect on my professional and personal life.

I found the course was perfectly balanced with practical and theory-based education, followed up by coaching modules. The course has given me tools which I have put into effect with measurable success.

I would recommend Jan and Michelle from People Leaders; I found their teaching to be authentic, sincere and fun. Both coaches are very personable and great listeners as well as having the ability to bring out the best in people.”

Screenworks Logo

Lisa O'Meara

Programs and Operations Manager

The amount of detail in this course is impressive.

I now have a well stocked tool kit of resources to draw on to support me in my work and feel more confident about my leadership ability. I expect to be dipping in and out of this course material for years to come and value that it has been made available in perpetuity.”


Lorraine Wood

HR Advisor

Jan and Michelle are very professional and their experience is evident with the examples they provide to demonstrate a point.

It's great to learn with people from other professions and industries because the leadership challenges resonate across seemingly all industries. A well-paced program with access to great resources, tools and templates that every leader can apply. I highly recommend this program.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program delivered?

You’ll get immediate access to the Introductory Module, then, each week we’ll release a new video-based content module as per the outline above. We’ll then follow up with a live group coaching session via Zoom a few days later to answer your questions and help you integrate the knowledge.

When will the live group coaching sessions be held?

To cater for different time zones and routines, we will be having two calls on Wednesday at 11 am and 7 pm (Sydney/Melbourne time). These will start on August 26th and you can join either or both calls or, if you can't attend live, you'll be able to access the recordings.

Are the live group coaching sessions recorded?

Yes they are. Recordings will be uploaded within 24 hours of each call and you’ll have lifetime access to them. 

How long do I have access to the program content for?

You’ll have lifetime access to all of the content.

I’m not sure if Life Essentials is right for me or not. How can I be sure?

The best way to be sure is to sign up and see if it feels appropriate or not. You can withdraw at any time in the first two weeks and get your full payment refunded so there is no risk to you ‘taking it for a test drive’.

I’m a bit nervous about the group coaching sessions. Do I have to participate?

The beauty of group coaching sessions is that you get just as much value from seeing other people coached as you do from being coached yourself. You don’t have to put your hand up for coaching but you’ll soon see that it’s actually a lot of fun and nothing to be nervous about.

Do you have any coaching qualifications?

Yes we both have multiple qualifications and accreditations but for coaching specifically, we are both accredited International Coaching Federation coaches with more than 20 years of experience each.

Because this is the first time we're running the Life Essentials program, and because we want you to help us shape future versions of the program, you can benefit from our generous introductory pilot program pricing of over 50% off. This is a one-time offer that closes on August 21st 2020 (Program starts August 21st).


Become the leader in your own life


297 147*

  • 6 Video-based Training Modules
  • 6 Weeks Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access
  • Life Essentials Private Facebook Community
  • Life Essentials Playbook

*Prices are in Australian Dollars ($AU147 is approximately $US105 :-))
Please register and pay for each person individually. If you would like to register a group of five or more please contact us with the details and we can send an invoice to make a single payment.


Become the leader in your own life


160 80

  • 6 Video-based Training Modules
  • 6 Weeks Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access
  • Life Essentials Private Facebook Community
  • Life Essentials Playbook

A few closing words...

We’re so blessed to do work we absolutely love and we want others to experience the same levels of fulfillment, pride and satisfaction that we feel almost every day.

A fulfilling life is much closer than most people realise. If you have a sense that it’s close for you too then we’d love to play a part in helping you create that.

We’ll put our heart and soul into making sure you ‘get it’ and make the changes that we know will make not only your life richer, but also for your loved ones as well.

Your time is now!

We hope you can join us and we’ll see you on the other side :-).

Michelle and Jan Terkelsen

People Leaders