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Leadership Essentials

Creating Leaders With Teams That Thrive In All Working Environments

A 12-week online training and coaching program developed for emerging  and established leaders...


The working environment has changed dramatically for many in recent months, but the fundamentals of leadership remain the same... 

DEEP LEADERSHIP, a model we developed and have been working with for several years, is more relevant now than it's ever been. Your team members need to learn the art of self-leadership and you need to master the art of leading them remotely. 

We've got your covered with our special updated edition of our successful Leadership Essentials Program. It's got the same content, covering the fundamentals of DEEP LEADERSHIP, and now has added content to help you and your team thrive while working remotely. 

If you have an interest in a custom Leadership Essentials Program for your business and would
have ten or more participants, we can schedule a specific program for your organisation.
Please contact us at info@peopleleaders.com.au for more details.

Are you ready to discover the fundamentals of leading and managing people and task, and how to get the balance right?

Once you know and embody the foundations of leadership, you will have a deeper awareness of the type of leader you want to be, and you’ll have the confidence and competence to lead others

Leadership training combined with coaching is the most effective way of ensuring a successful leadership career. 

  • Develop a sense of purpose that makes your work meaningful and inspires you to bring out your best
  • Learn how to create and embed daily and weekly work routines and rhythms that are practical and support you in both virtual and face-to-face environments
  • Start building your leadership toolkit to engage your team remotely and onsite
  • Learn the most impactful strategies for remote and face-to-face leadership situations and how to execute with confidence
  • Enhance your learning experience through expert group coaching and accountability sessions
  • Learn the key motivational strategies to inspire others to do their best during this time of ongoing change and uncertainty
  • Get clear about your leadership goals and aspirations

If you have an interest in a custom Leadership Essentials Program for your business and would
have ten or more participants, we can schedule a specific program for your organisation.
Please contact us at info@peopleleaders.com.au for more details.

An Ideal Training, Coaching And Peer-Support Program Created For Leaders Of The Future

This training is for emerging managers and people leaders in all fields:

  • First-time leaders, who have just been promoted
  • Developing leaders who need a refresh of the fundamentals of managing people and task
  • Leaders who are interested in and need specific professional training in managing in a virtual environment
  • Leaders who need practical strategies for managing people who are operating in the virtual environment
  • Frontline leaders managing people who are challenged by having to work from home
  • Supervisors who are ready for more responsibility and accountability
  • Leaders who want to invest in their professional development and broaden their skill set to accommodate leading in a virtual world

Your Course Curriculum And Objectives

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Leadership Style And Wellbeing
  • Learn your leadership style so you can leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses.
  • Gain an insight into how your style can impact and influence others, especially in the virtual environment.
  • Learn how you can effectively balance your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing during times of change and uncertainty.
Resources and Tools

Every module has its own workbook
Wellbeing Wheel
Myers Briggs Personality Assessment



How To Manage And Prioritise An Increasing Volume Of Work In This New Hybrid Environment
  • Learn an effective decision-making process so you and your team can prioritise work appropriately.
  • Understand how the distance delegation process can be a collaborative exchange between team member and leader.
  • Learn how to apply an effective time management matrix so that you can utilise your time more effectively.
Resources and Tools

Decision-making Model
Distance Delegation Template
Time Management Matrix



How To Have Difficult Conversations
  • Learn the skills and processes for leading difficult conversations, includng when you are not in the same room.
  • Learn the People Leaders’ difficult conversation prevention process.
  • Discover the steps and methodology of giving and receiving challenging feedback, including in a virtual environment.
Resources and Tools

Delivering Feedback Model
Difficult Conversations Planning and Execution Guide
People Leaders’ Difficult Conversations Prevention Process



How To Message And Communicate Effectively In The Virtual Hybrid Environment
  • Learn to use the seven core skills of leadership communication.
  • Learn when and how to apply the most appropriate virtual communication mediums.
  • Discover how to have the right types of conversations, even in virtual environments.
  • Learn the specific skills that underpin the types of conversations you need to be engaged in.
Resources and Tools

Problem Solving Model



Role Clarity And Accountability
  • Discover how to create a set of clear expectations for your role and team members' roles in hybrid environments.
  • Understand how to create a set of clear expectations for your role by starting with the “Success Wheel".
  • Learn the difference between responsibility and accountability and how this will lead to role clarity for you and others in this new hybrid environment.
Resources and Tools

Responsibility and Accountability Matrix
Success Wheel
Performance Objectives For Your Role Template



The Fundamentals Of Creating A High-Performing Team
  • Discover the nine dimensions of a high-performing team
  • Learn at least 1 key strategy from each dimension so you can apply it to your team's work situation.
  • Understand how to build a culture of trust and respect in your team .
Resources and Tools

People Leaders' High-Performing Team Assessment Tool

If you have an interest in a custom Leadership Essentials Program for your business and would
have ten or more participants, we can schedule a specific program for your organisation.
Please contact us at info@peopleleaders.com.au for more details.

Investing In Your Leadership Development Is An Investment In Your Future


The average new leader makes 140 decisions per day… that's why having a decision-making process to solve problems is critical for your performance and wellbeing in this new environment


Emerging leaders report they feel stressed, and ill-equipped to handle the rapidly changing virtual environment.

Emerging leaders feel the pressure of managing people and getting their own work done whilst supporting their team members who are challenged by this new virtual environment.


Emerging leaders report they feel pressure to perform immediately while not having sufficient support and tools t lead in this rapidly changing technologically focussed environment


Most leaders report they do not have the time to do the forward planning and management tasks their role requires due to the amount of uncertainty and change


Leaders who have taken some form of leadership training on leading virtually report that this has had a measurable impact on their performance and the performance of their team


Leaders and organisations who invest in the professional development of their emerging leaders are setting both the leader and the organisation up for future success


Coaching is an invaluable tool for developing people across a wide range of needs. The benefits of coaching are many;

  • 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self- confidence, 
  • Over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills
  • 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more (source: ICF 2009).


Anecdotal evidence suggests that leaders who participate in peer networking and support opportunities are more resilient and better equipped to lead effectively on a long-term basis

People Leaders’ Feedback

I engaged People Leaders to coach and develop two of my direct reports who needed practical strategies for managing people, stakeholders, and multiple projects. From the beginning, my direct reports were led through a clear process which started with developing their levels of self-awareness and understanding the impact they were having on others.

This then formed the basis upon which specific goals were formed in partnership with me and the business needs.

As a result of this program; both my direct reports have a clear direction and process moving forward, are more competent in stakeholder management and have a substantial tool kit and resources from which to draw upon now and in the future.

The investment was well worth it, that is why I will continue to engage People Leaders when I have new and emerging leaders that need targeted leadership development.

Westpac Logo
Rachael Wade - Finance Director, Specialist Finance, Westpac

Public Transport Victoria has been working with Michelle Terkelsen from people leaders for over 6 years in a number of capacities

Michelle has been the preferred team coach for the Deputy Chief executive officers leadership team. As a Myers Briggs expert, Michelle has run several dozen successful sessions with many of our teams. The objectives of these sessions included a deeper awareness of self, understanding the impact one’s behaviour has in a leadership capacity and enhancing communication within and between teams.

An often-requested facilitator, Michelle has ‘worked her magic’ running several of our partnership contract sessions

As the HR business partner – I have experienced first hand the impact Michelle has had on many individuals and teams in the business. Her ability to develop rapport and connection is a key strength, which allows the participant to openly share issues and concerns and move into solution mode at a quicker pace.

Her ability to support and challenge people to think differently and take action on new insights and learnings is another reason why she is sought after facilitator /coach.

I would be happy to recommend People Leaders to any organisation who is looking for high quality and experienced facilitator and coach.

PTV Logo
Shabana Jack
Senior HR business Partner PTV

You guys are awesome and have been instrumental in developing our new leaders an Melbourne Water. Keep it up!

Melbourne Water
Victoria Chow
OD, Talent and Leadership Development Manager

Prior to working with Jan, I had communication difficulties and approached the workplace with a personal mentality, rather than a business minded mentality. Within moments of our coaching session, I knew the two were very different!

Since working with Jan, I have been able to express myself better, acknowledge staff personality profiles, and better understand the value of my team having a leader.

I was able to put the information I learnt into practice immediately and I felt I had great support from Jan and her guidance.

Additionally Jan made me and my business partner feel extremely comfortable, valid and heard.

Thank you Jan – it was a wonderful experience that inspired me and will carry forward in my professional career.

Candice Rose-O'Rourke Career Group, Co-owner, Zulu and Zephyr

If you have an interest in a custom Leadership Essentials Program for your business and would
have ten or more participants, we can schedule a specific program for your organisation.
Please contact us at info@peopleleaders.com.au for more details.

Program Format

  • Core content will be delivered every second week in 60-90 min online recorded sessions over 12 weeks.
  • On the alternate weeks group coaching and accountability sessions are held to ensure the content is understood and being applied. (To help with international participants, times for these sessions will be set once we know what time zones everyone is in).

Additional Inclusions

  • 3 x 20 min video content modules of a supervisor to manager outlining the mindset behaviours and strategies shifts need to move from supervisor to manager (Value $AUD97)
  • Free access to our High-Performing Team Indicator Assessment Tool (Value $AUD180)

Why The Program Would Benefit Emerging Managers

All the content and coaching sessions are relevant to new managers and participants are encouraged to practice using the content from the outset.

The training program is supplemented by live coaching every fortnight, which reinforces the material and allows participants to be coached through specific issues they are facing.

This frees up the time of their upline managers and sets up sound coaching strategies that can be applied on an ongoing basis.

Jan and Michelle Terkelsen Profile Image
Jan and Michelle Terkelsen Profile Image

About The Facilitators

Michelle and Jan Terkelsen have been working with and coaching leaders for more than 20 years each.

Both have completed their MBAs (Macquarie University and Australian Institute of Business) and are accredited coaches with the International Coach Federation (ICF). They are also accredited MBTI, LSI and OCI facilitators.

They have developed bespoke leadership, change-management and coaching programs for organisations such as Westpac Bank, Jetstar, BUPA, Salesforce, Origin Energy, NSW Department of Justice, Challenger, First National Real Estate, City West Water, CPC, Melbourne Water, LUCRF, Public Transport Victoria, Perpetual, Broadspectrum and more.

They are also the hosts of the popular People Leaders Podcast, with an audience in over 130 countries.

Leadership Essentials Feedback

The Leadership Essentials course has had a profound effect on my professional and personal life.

I found the course was perfectly balanced with practical and theory-based education, followed up by coaching modules. The course has given me tools which I have put into effect with measurable success.

I would recommend Jan and Michelle from People Leaders; I found their teaching to be authentic sincere and fun. Both coaches are very personable and great listeners as well as having the ability to bring out the best in people."

Steffan O’Mara Passig
Engineering Manager, ENGV Pty Ltd

I've certainly gained some confidence through being on the course, particularly in communication with the team and having conversations to hold people to account and those sorts of things.

I wanted to increase the value in the communications that I have with my staff and to make them feel really comfortable that we're working as a team on these projects, that I'm approachable and that the conversations and meetings that we have are meaningful not just to tick boxes. I achieved that during the course of the program

One of the things I really like about the course is that you're doing it with other people who are going through the same thing you're going through. This came out in the group coaching sessions so the relatability of the course was probably something I found really helpful.

The resources for me were timely and particularly useful.

I'd recommend the program to anyone who is new to management or even someone who needs a refresher on the subject."

PHN Brisbane North Logo
Peter Boffey
Clinical Recruitment Strategist, Brisbane North PHN

Excellent templates throughout the program and an ideal coaching format that included really practical suggestions. Jan and Michelle were both very encouraging with their feedback and provided tips that could be put into practice straight away." 

Training Services Australia Logo
Jeremy Trott - Quality Manager
Training Services Australia

The overall structure of the course was fantastic. This included the  delivery of the theory and then the coaching conversations to keep everyone accountable but also to support them.

I don't just think it would benefit new and emerging leaders, I know it would.  In fact, as a leadership trainer and coach myself, I know that it's not just about emerging leaders. Leadership Essentials would be useful for anyone in a leadership or management position that knows that they want to grow and develop their own skills as a people leader."

Kizzy Harris Consultancy Logo
Kizzy Harris - Leadership Coach & ILM Trainer
Kizzy Harris Consultancy

Our 100% Satisfaction 30 Day Guarantee…

If you don't feel you are getting value for money within 30 days of the program beginning, just let us know and we'll process a full refund on your investment.

Program Investment 

If you have an interest in a custom Leadership Essentials Program for your business and would
have ten or more participants, we can schedule a specific program for your organisation.
Please contact us at info@peopleleaders.com.au for more details.

Optional Extra - MBTI Assessment and Report

Please note that we reference the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in some of the Leadership Essentials modules.

If you have not had your MBTI assessment done, or don’t remember your MBTI type, you have two options:

  1. We will give you a link to a site where you can get an MBTI ‘like’ assessment for free. This will give a pretty accurate assessment of your ‘type’ and some basic information about that profile. (They also have an option to upgrade to a more detailed paid report if you want more detail).
  2. You can purchase an Optional Leadership Essentials MBTI Assessment and Report from us for $AU120 (Plus GST for Australian customers) when you register for Leadership Essentials. This includes an ‘official’ assessment from the Myers Briggs Company and our exclusive People Leaders eight-page comprehensive report. Our report includes the following headings: Overview, Development, Contributions to organisation, To function best they need…, Frustrated by…, They can irritate others by…, Leadership Style, Problem solving approach, Strengths, Potential pitfalls, and Suggestions for Development.

You can make your choice on the order form when you register for Leadership Essentials. If you are unsure now, you can take option 1 (the free option) then get back to us later if you change your mind and decide to get the official assessment and our report.

If you are applying for employer or organisational support, you are welcome to make use of this Employer/Organisation Support Letter Template here.

Leadership Essentials Brochure.

If you have an interest in a custom Leadership Essentials Program for your business and would
have ten or more participants, we can schedule a specific program for your organisation.
Please contact us at info@peopleleaders.com.au for more details.

QUESTIONS? Contact us via email or call Jan on +61 425 795 938 or Michelle on +61 424 298 438.

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