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We’re always looking for new ways to provide resources to leaders and are excited to share with you that the People Leaders Toolkit app is now live.

Available on Apple and Android (and usable on desktop computers also), the toolkit is designed as a hip-pocket resource to help leaders with the challenges they face on a daily basis.

We’ve got five tools in the toolkit already and at least another ten on the way. All of the current tools are free and the upcoming tools will be a mixture of paid and free tools. ALL of them will save you time, especially in terms of reducing “trial-and-error leadership” and giving you a one-stop-shop to solve your people leadership issues.

Listen to the episode then follow the link below to download the app on your smartphone and please, send us your feedback once you’ve had a play with it.

We made the app for you and want to make sure that we’re hitting the mark with it.

Onwards and upwards!!

Episode Highlights:
  • [00:32] The People Leaders Toolkit for Unlocking Your Leadership Potential
  • [01:39] How the Toolkit Can Help You Grow as a Leader
  • [03:02] Tools for Effective Planning
  • [04:09] The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • [05:00] Journaling Tool
  • [06:26] Help Us Help You
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Jan Terkelsen: [00:00] Hi, Michelle.

Michelle Terkelsen: Hello.

[00:32] The People Leaders Toolkit for Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

Jan Terkelsen: So welcome everyone to The People Leaders Podcast. Today we are going cover three meaty items, and the first one is the launch of our new People Leaders Toolkit app, and we're really excited about this.

It's been in the ether for a while now, so is there ready to download.

We're also gonna talk about the tools that are in the app and how you can use them. And finally, we're gonna talk about what we mean by an emerging leader.

So, you know, we've put together this app to make leadership tools and templates really accessible, like in your pocket, so to speak. And it's really designed to tackle issues that you face as a leader on a day-to-day basis.

So you might be having to have that difficult conversation or maybe having a one-on-one, and you're not quite clear about, "What's that question. How do I set it up?" Pull us out on your app, and you'll have the information there.

So, it really caters to, but isn't exclusive for new and emerging leaders, who are often thrown in the deep end and really left to stand for themselves sometimes without the foundational training on people leadership issues.

[01:39] How the Toolkit Can Help You Grow as a Leader

Michelle Terkelsen: Yeah, that's right, Jan. And new and emerging leaders doesn't necessarily mean that you are new to managing people. This can be, you know, supervisors and managers who have stepped into a new role, for example.

And what, what we find, and we're finding this all the time now, actually, is that they are presented with situations and challenges that they haven't come across before. And so maybe they haven't needed to have that difficult conversation for a very long time. And so this app is very useful for, for those people as well, even if you are experienced.

So let's go through, you know, what tools do we have in the toolkit so far? The first one is just going gangbusters all over the world at the moment. It's on everybody's lips, and it's Above-the-line and Below-the-line Behaviour. And this is a great framework for accountability individually and within a team.

Jan Terkelsen: The next tool in the kit is How to Have Difficult Conversations. And this is a wonderful template that helps you plan the conversation. And we have had some great feedback about when I plan that conversation, my ability to be really conscious and present is so much more deepened, and you know, we find that people leaders have such a better experience, and also the person that they're having that conversation with as well.

[03:02] Tools for Effective Planning

Michelle Terkelsen: Yep. And then the next one is the Personal Playbook and the Personal Playbook you can use if you are new to the role or you are a new and emerging leader. And it sort of gently guides you through some of the questions that you can ask yourself in order to get clear about, okay, what do I need to do to set up to be successful in this role?

Who are the key people that I need to interact with, and how? And so it gives you a really nice you know, step-by-step approach on how to design your, you know, successful next step as a leader

Jan Terkelsen: Totally, Michelle. That's right.

I think it really creates a strategic edge in your leadership career. Because how often do we get feedback, and we need to coach people on being more strategic and focussed. I think this is great tool for that.

The other tool we have is our Team-based Planning Tool. Love the Team-based Planning Tool.

How often do we use that when we coach leaders, executive teams, and it gives you a model or a step-by-step approach in how to create a plan and to ensure that you are not missing those key steps.

[04:09] The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Michelle Terkelsen: And then we have a tool that we didn't design but we love it, and it's Patrick Lencioni's The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. And don't let the title put you off because what it does is that it actually gives you a, a framework, a approach, a, a model on how to set your team up for success.

And it's quite simple, not always easy to, to execute because we've got people involved, but it's a really, really good tool, and that's in our toolkit as well now. Yeah, I, you know, just thinking Jan.

Jan Terkelsen: What I was just gonna say about that Five Dysfunctions, the template is a great, like it actually steps out what those Five Dysfunctions are, but it also guides an emerging leader about what they can do to mitigate or to move through those dysfunctions. And that's why I think it's a really useful template.

[05:00] Journaling Tool

Michelle Terkelsen: That's right. And we've used it with teams who aren't dysfunctional, but what they wanna do is they wanna be successful. And so in order to be successful, if you just make sure that you are covering off each of these issues, then you know you are not gonna fall into that, you know, bucket of dysfunction.

Which leads to, you know, if you are stuck on an issue, for example, or a challenge in your leadership role, then head to the toolkit, have a look around and see is there something that could be of use for you.

And what we're doing is we're adding all the time to the tools in the toolkit.

And the next one that is coming by popular demand is our guide on Leadership Journaling. And this is something that you can use no matter, you know, if you are new or, or highly experienced as a leader. It's one of the great ways to learn about yourself in a reflective journaling way.

And we actually give you the questions to ask yourself, how you do it, when you do it, why, those sorts of things. So it's really useful.

Now also, if there's a tool that you'd really like to see in the toolkit because you are a raving fan of it, just let us know because we, we probably, well, I'm not gonna say probably, but we might have come across it before and we wanna make this really useful for you. So if you if you are a raving fan of a particular tool, let us know, and we can add that to the toolkit.

[06:26] Help Us Help You

Michelle Terkelsen: Now also if you need support while you're using the app, just let us know, and you go into the support option and that's in the profile menu on the app. And this will help us prioritise the new tools that we're adding all the time because we're, we are going to base that on the feedback that you give us. It's really important.

And I, you know, Jan and I were just talking earlier on, and we wanna create a community via this app. And the way that you create community is through communication, through people giving and receiving feedback. And, and that's why your input is gonna be really important to the success of this app.

Jan Terkelsen: That's right. And when we know what your issues are, then we, we can create a tool and a template to actually support you.

And talking about a community, you know, we're actually launching a new leadership development program and a community within the app.

And this and because we're launching this in the next, you know, couple of months, we're gonna be looking for participants to take part in the pilot. We wanna ensure that we get the right amount and mix of resources learning, and this feedback to make sure that this program is second to none. So keep an eye on the inbox for that.

And speaking of the inbox, the access for the People Leaders Toolkit you can actually get it on desktop as well. So not only can you get it on Google Play and Apple Play, you can also get it on your desktop.

So that's a wrap for us. Keep on learning, everyone. Stay curious. And we'll see you next time.

Michelle Terkelsen: Bye. 

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