Interactions – The Second Dimension of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool

By PeopleLeaders | High Performing Team Assessment Tool

People Leaders

In this podcast series Michelle and Jan share stories, insights and practical examples of what it takes to create and lead a High Performing team. In a lively discussion format they present an overview of their High Performing Team assessment. They systematically work through the 8 key dimensions to provide you with a clear understanding of how to build an engaged team.

By listening to this podcast you will learn how to set clear objectives for your team and how this will set you up for success. You will also learn what to look out for so you can setup your team and yourself in the right direction.

Listen to the podcast here or continue reading below. 

In this episode

  • Explore the first dimension of the High Performing Team assessment tool which is Direction
  • The reason why direction is the first dimension is because it’s so important that everyone in the team is clear where they're heading what they’re doing
  • Be clear about what the team is measuring their performance against (internal or external)
  • The clearer you are about what you want to achieve the more likely you’ll be to achieve it
  • There are five different categories within this first dimension - direction
  • As you listen rate yourself in the five categories

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