Chris Wildeboer Interview – Reconnecting With Your Energy As A Leader

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It’s no secret that in order to be an effective leader, your energy levels need to be maintained. The same goes for being an effective, high-performing team member.

It’s easy to lose awareness of your energy, but reconnecting with it doesn’t need to be difficult.

In this episode, we chat to Chris Wildeboer, CEO and Personal Energy Specialist at Balance Central. Her journey to understanding and finding balance began in 1995 when she attended a kinergetics workshops and learned how to reset.

Now, she works with leaders and their teams to help them achieve high performance as individuals and as a team. Chris delivers individualised workshops for her clients in Australia, Dubai, the UK, USA and elsewhere.

She is also a speaker, a best-selling author of ‘Balance Central’ and has been nominated for a number of business awards.

Episode Highlights:
  • What Chris does - works with leaders and teams to achieve high-performing teams
  • Who she works with - anyone who thinks they’re a leader and feel confused about their next steps
  • Reoccuring themes and problems Chris finds in the leaders she works with - confusion
  • Chris’ tips and strategies for leaders who feel uncertain going into a meeting
  • Why grounding yourself is so powerful
  • Stop worrying about what everyone else is going to think
  • Find out who you are and figure out what is sapping your energy
  • Chris’ superpower - being able to hear what people don’t say
  • Why Chris doesn’t call herself a coach
  • Chris’ decision-making model - ‘The Next Step’ and the different types of energy as a leader
  • The golden question to ask yourself when you’re feeling hazy - what am I willing to include?
  • What Chris does daily to feed her own energy
  • The different aspects of our energy - it’s not just about our emotional being, our mental being and our intuition
  • How Chris ensures all aspects of your energy works together
  • The most common issues Chris sees in teams that she works with - individuals living up to the expectations of the position they’re in
  • Why Chris enjoys working with individuals in teams rather than the team as a whole
  • What Chris is working on at the moment
  • Connecting via LinkedIn
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“The most common issue I see in teams that I work with is each individual living up to the expectations of the position they’re in. I think teams benefit from discovering who they are in the big picture and embracing it.” - Chris Wildeboer #PeopleLeaders #Team

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