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The People Leaders High Performing Team Indicator is a behaviourally anchored rating instrument that shows how team members perceive the team.

Differences in rating provide an opportunity for the team to discuss differences in how the team operate and identify key areas that would be valuable to focus on.

Though we can and do use more complex psychometric indicator tools, we created the High Performing Team Indicator to give teams a simple instrument that can be implemented and interpreted in-house, without needing a facilitator to interpret the findings.


This indicator is a mechanism for teams and the people leader to review the way they operate.

The value of the indicator is in generating a collective view about the current health of the team and how it compares to the desired state of the team in the future. It can be used to take a current snapshot of the team or as a benchmark survey at the commencement of a change program, with a retest survey taken at a future point in time.

Using the column in the middle of the table, participants should rank each line between 1 and 10.
1 denoting the item on the left-hand side is more correct, 10 denoting the item on the right-hand side is more correct. A number in between indicates a result somewhere in between.

Scores should then be added in each section.


1. The indicator can be completed anonymously and placed in a collection box. Scores are then tallied and discussed
2. Team members can complete the indicator and do the tally as a group. The team can then decide which items merit discussion and action.
3. The indicator can be distributed and tallied by an outside facilitator. Responses are presented in the aggregate, without any individual’s responses being revealed to the team.

The facilitator can facilitate a team discussion on any or all of the questions.
Once completed, it can be used as input into a development team plan.


This tool is just that, a tool for you to review and reflect on what the feedback is telling you about the team and its perceived effectiveness.

Areas that rank the LOWEST - these are your red flags.

Areas that rate the HIGHEST - these are your leverage points – use these strengths to thrive during periods of high-pressure and demand.

Areas that rate in the MIDDLE – are ripe for growth and development.

We value and appreciate any feedback about your experience using this indicator at info@peopleleaders.com.au