High-Performing Team Tool: Understanding Your Team

By People Leaders | People Leaders Podcast

High-Performing Team Tool - Understanding Your Team People Leaders

One of our most popular downloads for people leaders is the High Performing Team Assessment Tool. We developed it to give managers a practical way to have open and honest discussions with their team.

In this episode we chat to Jayden, a user of the tool, about his experience. While it’s designed to help leaders better understand their team, he tells us it has just as many personal benefits for the individual too.

Episode Highlights:

  • A brief background of the High Performing Team Tool, what it is and who it’s designed for
  • Jayden’s role in the company 
  • How the High-Performing Team Tool was used in the meeting
  • Jayden’s recommendation for how to divide the groups - the pros and cons of random selection
  • How Jayden and his team used the tool - discussing scores given and why and coming together as team to agree on a final score
  • The outcome of the tool for Jayden and his team
  • The personal benefits the tool has had for Jayden and what has changed since completing the assessment
  • Discussing the alignment between people and the managing director and building a better business culture