Franziska Iseli Interview – Courageous Leadership and Personal Branding

By PeopleLeaders | People Leaders Podcast

Franziska Iseli Interview on People Leaders Podcast

In this episode, Franziska shares some wonderful ideas and tips on courageous leadership, concepts of imperfection and how it is helpful for leaders and teams, personal branding, and more.

Franziska is an internationally renowned speaker, entrepreneur, adventurer. She's known for her thought leadership and for pushing boundaries. Franziska is a maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing strategist, mad adventurer, author and the co-founder BasicBananas.com, Oceanlovers.com, MomentsofHumanity.com, TheBusinessHood.com and SaltyLipsBand.com. 

This episode is one knowledge-packed and fun episode to listen to. 

  • On winning a number one female speaker award - "I am often the only female speaker so it's a little bit easier to win that award."

  • Franziska shares her take on courageous leadership.

  • "There's a huge difference between courageous leadership where you lead with a vision and then there's the managers where it's more about the KPIs and the goals, and you need both.“

  • “The only thing that is certain right now is uncertainty. So having leaders that are leading with courage is so important.”

  • The three components a courageous leader must have - vision, principle, intuition

  • “Logic is not going to get us anywhere right now because none of this stuff is logical. It's, it's quite nonsensical, a lot of it.”

  • The courage effect

  • "Courage is contagious. And leading with these principles is contagious. Naturally as a leader, and if you have team members, they look up to you, whether you know it or not or whether you think they do or not, they do, and they will copy you."

  • "The courage effect is about leading by example, not pointing the finger or forcing something onto people. And then naturally some people will fall away from your teams. Naturally some people will deselect themselves and that's good."

  • Franziska shares some ideas and her thoughts on how to keep teams engaged.

  • The concept of imperfection (relating to teams) and the comparison trap

  • "Give people ownership and expect people to own their results. And you can do this by encouraging people to fail, to make mistakes, not getting upset about failures, but actually rewarding almost failures."

  • “What often happens is that we as humans, as a society, are so obsessed with perfection. And it comes often from comparing ourselves and looking at what other people are doing.”

  • Bottom-up leadership

  • "(As a leader) You want to get your team to engage in your vision and principles and drive the culture."

  • Franziska’s tips for leaders who want to enhance their personal brand within an organisation

  • "Personal branding needs to come from you. It needs to be authentic."

  • The brand alchemy method

  • "The more that the person can get clarity on what they're good at, the more they can bring that into the business."

  • What Franziska is working on at the moment that is exciting her

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