Cate Wilson Interview – Yoga And Leadership: A Perfect Match

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Cate Wilson Interview - Yoga And Leadership A Perfect Match

In this episode, we’re chatting with our favourite yoga instructor, Cate Wilson, about why yoga and leadership are the perfect match. 

Cate is a 250-hour YTT yoga teacher, with a love of learning and inspiring change in others. A wife and mother of two, she’s also a beauty therapist and thermomix lover and is passionate about what we put into our bodies, onto our skin and allow into our minds. 

Episode highlights:

  • The common issue people try to fix with yoga according to Cate - dealing with mental injuries
  • Why yoga is so good for time-poor people
  • What Cate thinks is the biggest misconception about yoga - not being flexible enough and “yoga is only for hippies”
  • Finding the right yoga teacher 
  • Victor Frankyl’s power of the pause quote and why Cate thinks this is key to becoming a better people leader
  • It’s a powerful tool to recognise that you can always take a moment and choose how you respond to every situation
  • You don’t need to be challenged by those colleagues who push your buttons - know what your triggers are and rewire your brain and your reaction
  • A good question to ask yourself: ‘Why am I sharing this information?’ Be clear about your purpose and it will make you more conscious
  • Another of Cate’s favourite quotes: “Only speak if it improves the silence”
  • Being a good role model for your team - get out, get fresh air and space and give your team the 
  • Part of the leadership journey is giving context for your actions and explaining a change in your behaviour
  • The physical benefits of yoga - stronger and more flexible 
  • The benefits of yoga for your energy - using the breath to bring the whole body together as one
  • The mental benefits of yoga - making the body pliable and gives you the ability to sit with yourself
  • Where to start with yoga - practice at home and start with the butterfly pose to stimulate the body followed by a few sun salutations
  • The biggest insight for Cate this year
  • Meditating each day, even if only for six minutes a day
  • How Cate meditates each day

“We’ve lost the ability to find beauty in the simple day-to-day stuff. We tend to fill the space with our mobile phones or conversations, et cetera.” - Cate Wilson #PeopleLeaders #Yoga #Mindfulness

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