Diversity in the Workplace with Arthur Woods

By People Leaders | People Leaders Podcast

We are all naturally biased when we make decisions, so it’s vitally important to set up procedures in the workplace that minimise their effect. On this episode we speak to Arthur Woods: a social entrepreneur, bestselling author and champion of equality in the workplace.

Arthur is the co-founder of Mathison: a venture-backed tech platform that enables employers to stay on track with their diversity hiring. Arthur is a seriously eminent voice in the space, having been named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 and 40 Under 40 and having hosted multiple TedEx talks. He has also created an equal hiring index to help benchmark inclusive hiring practices.

All leaders will get a lot from this conversation. Arthur’s teachings are a great balance of data-driven theory and easily actionable practice.  

Episode Highlights:

  • The definition of diversity
  • How employers can hire with empathy
  • How to ensure structural consistency
  • Why the interview process should be more structured
  • How to reduce unconscious bias
  • The dangers of an interview auto-pilot
  • How to identify coachable moments
  • The importance of celebrating ‘bright spots’
  • The power of storytelling
  • Examples of how leaders can keep themselves on track with diversity
  • Why leaders don’t have to wait for their organisations before acting to change diversity policy
  • The psychological shift that is needed to truly hire for diversity

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